Popsicle Monday’s : Mango Ginger + Honey

The flavors of this weeks “Popsicle Monday’s” were actually inspired by color first, before flavor. I’ve had edible gold glitter for quite a while now, and never really got the chance to use it. I first thought about what color scheme would make the prettiest popsicle, and then what ingredients I had at home to fit within that color scheme. I went for monochromatic, shades of gold.

gold glitter


1. Gold Edible Glitter | 2. Mango Chunks ( I just used the pre-diced ones that my son eats)

| 3. Ginger Ale | 4. Brown Sugar | 5. Honey | 6. Water

mango glitter


Layer 1: Drizzle Honey into the bottom of each popsicle mold. Add gold glitter at the very end,

after popsicles are frozen, and removed from mold.

Layer 2: In a med-high skillet, add ginger ale, brown sugar, and the juice of the mango

chunks from the original container. Bring to boil. Pour into mold. Add mango chunks.

Layer 3: Frozen Carbonation happens naturally as it freezes.

Layer 4: After all prior layers have been in the freezer for 45 minutes,

drizzle honey into each popsicle mold, then fill to the brim with water. Brim is a weird word.

popsicle monday- mango glitter

This is only the third week of “Popsicle Monday’s”, but this Mango Ginger + Honey is by far my favorite flavor. So refreshing. The honey adds a nice summer note, and an almost sticky/chewy texture in some bites. The carbonation makes it special. The glitter is crunchy, and so fun. Like I actually had fun eating this summer treat.


“Popsicle Monday’s : Mango Ginger + Honey” is published in the Good Eats Category of Dahl House Blog.

|B L O G | S E R V I C E S | A B O U T L A U R E N |

| P O R T F O L I O | S H O P |


2 Comments on “Popsicle Monday’s : Mango Ginger + Honey

  1. Wow those look beautiful and delicious! You are so creative Lauren!

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