Guest Post – Smore’s Bars

A GUEST POST from my sister, Allison:


Hello everyone! This is my first time around the blogging block (unless you count dramatic myspace board posts or AIM away messages, which is reminiscent of blogging in its own right) so bear with me.

This story starts like most of my cooking adventures, with an empty schedule and a few extra dollars. My sweet tooth strikes around 8pm every night after I’ve used up all my will-power against loading my body with sugar. There are nights when I can stay strong, but when this particular idea struck I truly stopped in my tracks en route to the gym and headed to kroger. Priorities.

Tis the season for bon fires and what goes better with a warm summer night than a gooey s’mores all over your fingers? My love for this desert knows no bounds. True story: In high school my lifelong bff and current roommate used to bring s’mores materials to school and just heat them up in the cafeteria microwaves. The jealous glares are worth the prize, believe me.

But onward, I headed to Kroger with just a rough draft in my mind and decided I would let the ingredients in the aisle speak to me when I arrived. And they certainly did, this is what I came home with: Graham crackers, marshmallow creme, mini marshmallows, chocolate chip cookie dough mix, and chocolate fudge icing. No calorie left behind. But I believe in a good balance, veggies are great, but i mean….. chocolate is better. Have both 🙂


Step One:

Prepare the cookie dough mix. Any mix will do i’m sure, but mine called for some softened butter and water, so get all that going (probably in something classier than tuperware, forgive me, i’m poor)


Step Two:

I wanted this whole bar to have be very s’moresy (new word?) so I crushed up some graham crackers into crumbs. They do sell pre-crushed graham crackers but as stated, money doesn’t grow on trees, so i got some Kroger brand graham crackers and smacked ‘em around. You follow your heart on the crumb methods you choose. Once you get the crumbs, mix about ⅓ of the package in with my cookie dough.



Step 3:

Next, grab yourself about two handfuls of mini marshmallows and throw those in the dough as well. As you can see I wasn’t very strict with my measurements, so just choose an amount you think would be yummy, and i’m sure you’ll have no issues. I mixed all of this together and it was already looking spot on.

Step 4:

Get a pan, any size you want. I’m through and through a thinner crust type of person, so i opted for an 11×7 pan. Also our smaller one was dirty.Choose your pan, spray it with some no stick spray and spread your dough evenly. This was actually kinda tricky because of the mini marshmallows. I ended up using my hands some, if you’re one of those folks who cares a lot about germs I am sure a spoon would also suffice if you put some elbow grease into it. Put your pretty pan into the oven for whatever temperature your cookie mix requires for 10-12 min.


Step 5:

Look how good they’re already looking!! This next step is my favorite because marshmallow cream is about as close as food can get to playdough. Take some big ol scoops out of the jar and plop them on to your dough, then stick it back in the oven to let it melt some. Special trick I learned from my dad ( love you dad!!!) it makes it a heck of a lot easier to spread, plus its cool looking. So do that, then take it out and spread it all about (hokie pokie?).




Step 6:

Lick the spoon of the marshmallow creme. You have to.

Step 7:

Worst step EVER! Put your pan in the fridge to cool for about 30-45 min. Really, the longer the better, but 45 min is my maximum waiting time. I am weak.

Step 8:

YAYYYYYY if you are on this step you are SO CLOSE to eating. Congrats!! Take the chocolate fudge icing and use every single bit of it and spread it all over top of the marshmallow creme. You might start to feel like a psycho because of how happy spreading the icing will make you (hopefully it’s not just me).

10407376_10152220238172688_6071544727335963101_n (1)

Step 9:

Take as many more graham cracker crumbs that you feel appropriate and sprinkle them over everything.


Step 10:

Have a piece! Then shamelessly have another piece for breakfast (i’m not judging)!

I hope you have all enjoyed the recipe and my special celeb(?) guest appearance on my sister’s AMAZING blog.

With love,


Pictures and Writing by Allison Williams


2 Comments on “Guest Post – Smore’s Bars

  1. WOW!! That looks to be one of the most delicious desserts! Let’s have that at our next cousin’s night!! (Which better happen soon!!) Great job Allison!

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