My Mini Home Office Makeover



A little over two months ago, I decided that it was finally time for me to a have a “home office”. Which is great, because it meant that I was getting enough work, to actually designate a space in my home to work. Before, the couch was always a good office, but it’s really not practical, or permanent. As you may know, I have decided to no longer teach, which means that my full time job will be working from home. This office is a much needed space for me.

Function came first in the office. I needed a bright space, away from home traffic. I needed a desk space that would mostly serve as a place to be on the computer creating E-designs, emailing clients, writing, and editing. That same desk space also needed to function as an art desk from time to time. In my office I needed to visually see at all times any item I have (like art supplies, and folders). Nothing tucked away. The other thing you need to know about my home office, is that it needed to be, “mini”, so that eventually, we can put a guest bed on the other wall.

After making a very detailed list of what my office needed, I then found ways to make it beautiful. I wanted it to be bright, white, cheerful, and playful. And, oh so organized. A place that would inspire my mind, and not clutter it.

Office Before:

photo 2 (6)

Oh my gosh I’m so embarrassed. Aside from the crazy hoarding mess I created, let’s address that weirdly painted wall. Remember that one time I entered the Emily Henderson Night Stand Styling Contest, well here is the wall I used. I only painted a portion of the wall, so that I could get a photograph. It’s not weird, people do it all the time. Well, only if it’s a photograph you need, and not a space.

More before photos:

photo 1 (6)

I had to totally clean out this storage room, and it was a huge task. I hated every single minute of it. But it had to be done. Below is a photo of the space cleaned out, and with one coat of white paint. I chose for the room to be completely white (aside from a patterned focal wall), because white is bright, and white is in no way cluttering of the mind. White paint, is like a white piece of paper. It’s the perfect color for a room where ideas need to be developed.



After Photos: 

vertical view

I will write later this week about the process of creating my pineapple wall, but just know, that I am so in love with it. I think my dad kind of is so not in love with it, but that’s totally fine. I’m really just thankful that he came over to help me carry a heavy desk up the stairs. He’s the best. The bright colors of the pineapples needed to be toned down with neutrals. More times than not, I gravitate towards colors within the neutral spectrum, and not towards opposite ends of it. But here, I felt that going with a black and white color palette would be fitting. So, when I could, I chose items that were black or white, and when I couldn’t, or didn’t feel like, I also welcomed some other neutral colors. And a few pops of bright colors. But only a few.


The task lamp is actually from my master bedroom. But, I am getting new lamps for the bedroom, and thought it would get more use in my office. There is an “criss-cross” pattern that is a common design theme in the office. You can find it in the rug, on the back of the chair, and in the pineapples.

bulliten board

I needed a large bulliten board, for all of the things I find inspiring, AND, for all the “urgent” things I need to do. I’m inspired by quotes sometimes, and patterns most of the time. I also have a lot of small artworks created by friends that I want to keep, but not necessarily frame.

office 011

A portable “necessities” tray helps de-clutter. Having a home base for all those items I use on a daily basis will keep supplies organized, and easy to transport to different parts of the desk, when I need to make room. For the pencil containers, I used a set of cocktail glasses, and labeled them with black and white letter stickers. I also found an expensive raw wood tray, painted it white, and added a black and white polka dot craft paper for everything to sit on.

labels on tray

desk birds eye

In my very detailed list of “Everything I need in my office”, I came up with a list of my top three “easy access” drawer titles. These labeled drawers you see below, are used almost daily. So having them right there, readily available, was important. If I would have tucked these away, then there is a chance that I would get overwhelmed with paperwork, and organization. Invoices. Lovely Paper. Tax records. In the future, I think it would be safe to say, that “Tax records” could be stored elsewhere. But, I’m a paranoid new business owner and want to make sure I’m on top of everything.

office 014

office 003

The white boxes on my bookshelf are filled with items I use on occasion. Beads, stamps, glue, extra office supplies, etc. I wanted them to labeled, and visually available, but I was okay with them being a few feet away from my work space.

office 004



boxes detail

Next week, I will be posting about the painting above the bookshelf. It reads, “In my leopard flats I will walk.”

flora detail with art

My good friend, Tarah Matthews, came over for a photoshoot yesterday. To take professional working pictures of me. The setting for those photos is my new office. So, I will definitely be posting my favorites tomorrow.

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  1. Love love love it!! And I am so happy and excited for you! Love you!

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