Photoshoot. Because It’s About Time.

UPDATE: These images and in depth interview can be found on an exclusive interview with Best Friends For Frosting


As I’m moving on up, I think it’s about time that I have a nice photograph of myself. Most importantly, to use on the front page of my website. It’s like this, someone will come to my website, and there I will be, like, “Oh hey, come on in, nice to meet you, heres a smile, do you like my scarf? Lets work together”.My statistics aren’t official or anything, but I am about 90-100% more interested in any website that can connect me to the original maker. Opposed to ones that only have an image of their work on the front. Like a florist, for example. If there is a picture readily available on her website of her artfully making a floral arrangement, I’m like “Whaaatt, who is that girl, what is she about, is this her passion, her gold bangles are so cool.”

I also wanted photos that I had the full rights to, to use when I send out pitch ideas. Or apply for Tv shows. Or whatever it is I feel like doing. Maybe to enter a cutest mom contest. Just kidding, I would never. Unless the prize was like $150, then okay why not.

I wanted the photos to be taken in my new office, because it combined design, with images of me. Whoever views them, will have insight into my personal style, and design style. Which are pretty similar in my opinion. My friend, Tarah Matthews, took these photos for me. She is so great, and has helped me out so much with taking pictures in the past, and giving me editing tricks, and just being there for me as a support system. Don’t try contacting her, just to take some photos of what you ate for dinner. She’s more interested in portraits and figures. FYI. And yes, I did link her name, to her Instagram. #followher #tarahisgreat #gotarah #tarahtarahtarah #okayimdone


Below are my favorites.















It was so fun playing dress up. Knowing this was going to be a photo, I carefully planned out every detail. I had to have fuscia lipstick. It’s my favorite. It’s fun, and daring, and girly. And girly is nothing to be ashamed about, if that’s what you want to be, and that’s what I felt like being in this photoshoot. So there. Next, I planned out what I needed to do within my clothes, and within the space, to tie my lipstick color in. Pink flowers. Pink heart on the bulletin board (which yes, I drew on with my lipstick. Top left corner). Pink details in my scarf. Then, I thought about what else I wanted to convey. I’m super casual, so I went with jeans, and a white shirt. I almost considered a dress, to be more professional. But, I wanted to be approachable, and relatable. Yet put together. After all, people are trusting me with money, and design choices. They need to see that I’m put together. My earrings needed to match the modern brass touches I used in my space. Like the lamp. And some of the bowls. Shoes were black flats. Detail oriented, yet nothing over the top. No need to act like I actually wear heels. Because I don’t, except for like, four times a year. Foreal.

I can’t wait to use these, and I am so thankful Tarah took the time out of her busy summer to do this. She probably turned down a trip to Target or something. I don’t even know, I’m just super thankful. Onward I go!



2 Comments on “Photoshoot. Because It’s About Time.

  1. Well done! It looks wonderful, and you are very professional yet personable. I would hire you in an instant! 🙂

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