Etsy Art Photoshoot No.2

I’ve been working on a lot of new artwork lately. Florals, cacti, and succulents still. But, just more of them. My new office has provided me with great inspiration and work space. I seriously get so much work done in there. Plus the whole coffee thing. Yeah, I started drinking coffee about a week and a half ago, totally awesome. Gross yes, but I get so much done.  I now understand all those crazy people out there, who post photos of that stupid coffee mug, that looks like a measuring cup, saying, “don’t talk to me”, then the coffee lowers, and it says, “almost”, and then lowers one more time, and says “okay now I’m ready”, or something non sense ish like that.  Anyway, I get it now.

Floral arrangements are so inspiring and beautiful. I mean, no, there isn’t technically a lot of content going on with them. Like no deep dark meaning. Just beautiful. Which is content enough for me. I love studying flowers, and finding new shapes, and patterns within nature. I enjoy the repetition within a nature made item, like a flower. But, I also enjoy the element of surprise.  Below are my recent studies, observations, and dreamy wonderings of florals and succulents.  Which I of course, am selling in my Etsy Shop. 

I have a few originals for sale, and tons of prints. Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of commissions, within this whole botanical dreamland subject, and it’s been wonderful. So, that’s always an option.

etsy art 001

“Botanical Dreamland”. Lauren Dahl. For this piece, I’m not selling the original, because I gave it away In my first ever Instagram Giveaway! Here, is the print.

etsy art 002

“Prussian Blue”. Lauren Dahl.

Original  |   Print

etsy art 004-Recovered

“Tangerine”. Lauren Dahl

Original   |   Print

etsy art 006

“Two Peach Roses”. Lauren Dahl

Original   |  Print

etsy art maybe

“Flora”. Lauren Dahl

Original   |   Print

“Etsy Art Photoshoot No.2” is published the Art category of Dahl House Blog.


|B L O G | S E R V I C E S | A B O U T L A U R E N |

| P O R T F O L I O | S H O P |

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