E-Design | Brian SanFran + “Before” Photos.

Okay, so, “SanFran” isn’t Brian’s actual last name. But, with the many Brian’s I have in my life (just kidding, there is only one, which is my brother in law), I still found it easiest to refer to this client by Brian SanFran. As in when im talking to myself.  It’s kind of like when you meet a red-head who has a typical name, and your like “Oh, let’s have a party and invite Sue, the pretty red-head.” Just so you can clarify to your friends that you don’t mean “Sue, the weirdo”. Long story short, I found Brian on the San Francisco craigslist page. The home he is working on, is actually not even in San Francisco, CA,but in Emeryville, CA.  That’s why craigslist is great, because anything you search, it also allows you to see “nearby places” that fit your search terms. You guys know how I love Craigslist, so don’t sit there and act like it’s weird that I found Brian via craigslist. Because it’s not.

Here’s what’s up: Brian is working on a home on Adeline Street in Emeryville, California. I didn’t know much about the area, or the street at first mention, but after much research, I now do. It’s the top floor of a duplex, and the goal, is to rent it out as an AirBNB property.  It’s down the street from Pixar, and a few blocks from the Google bus stop. An up and coming neighborhood. Go Brian.

Brian’s style is industrial, contemporary meets steam punk, young and techy, he loves original details within a home, likes old with new, quality, and tranquil feelings, nothing loud or obnoxious.

My job, was to take Brian’s style, and thoughtfully incorporate it into an E-Design to appeal to renters, and to Brian.  His E-Design needs much much different than most, so I tailored it to what he needed. Usually an E-Design covers all the details of one room,  but his E-Design included paint colors for most of the rooms, tile decisions, and a few decorative details. It also did not need to include minor details, like accessories.

Below are the “Before” Photos. I put those in quotes, because they aren’t exactly real. Just real-ish. Some parts are real, like the space, but other parts are not, like the crown molding. Just images put together in Photoshop to create a visual. Don’t stare at it too long, because it can become confusing. Just showing you, so you can understand the space I’m working with.

“Before: Kitchen/Dining Area”

Dining from Kitchen Adeline Upstairs


The wood ledge you are seeing in the above image,  is

live edge 7′ walnut wrap around bar top separating the kitchen from the dining room.  See image below.
Live edge counter brian


“Before: Living Room”

You can see the living room, from the dining/kitchen area. So there is a semi-open floor plan going on here.Again, notice, that the wood floors are not real, along with other details of the space.

But, it was very smart of Brian to put these images together as a reference, and  as a plan of action.

Brian living room

Below is what will actually be the wood floor.

 Floor Color brian

Bathroom as of now:

Adeline Bathroom Upstairs brian

Entryway, unphotoshoped. Just as is. This is a good image for you to see, because it shows what the walls currently look like, and the other images show where they are heading.




Brian - Paint Colors


Brian - E-Design - Bathroom


Brian Living Room Draft 2


* An E-Design service provides the client with accessible design advice that sets the framework for a single room, for a set fee. All work is completed via telephone and email. All that is needed from the client is a completed design questionnaire, a budget, and images and dimensions of your room. Returned to the client will be a design concept, mood board (which is what you see above), a complete shopping guide which includes non-urgent and urgent items (usually sale items or items found on ebay/craigslist),and a detailed floorplan

Click here for design service inquiries. Or email me @ DahlHouseInteriors@gmail.com, Subject Line: Design Service Inquiry

To see more of Lauren’s E-Designs, Click here Or here, for more portfolio images.


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One Comment on “E-Design | Brian SanFran + “Before” Photos.

  1. Wow Lauren. Your talents are stretching across the country! Great job! Love that bathroom ideas. That shower curtain is very unique!

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