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Some really awesome things have been happening lately with Dahl House Interiors. I mean really, no joke, a couple of months ago I was in such a panic about my future, and my choices. You know, that whole I quit my job thing to pursue Dahl House.  Terrifying. I kept telling myself that if I work really hard and put all of my heart into each and every project, that things are bound to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way uber successful, or even close to being financially predictable.  But,  I will say that I am gaining more clients, art commissions, and media opportunities. Sometimes I still about hyperventilate  and break out in a sweaty panic, but overall, I feel happy with the progress I have made. Keep up the good work, Lauren.

One of the clients I have recently taken on, is a guy named Ron, and his girlfriend, Elise. The great thing about their project, is that it’s long term. Ron just purchased a home in Redwood City California, which is between San Jose, and San Francisco. Each and every room needs to be designed. These people, are really cool and interesting people.  He’s in a band (outside of his real job), and she loves vintage worldly fabrics. He’s all over the place, and she seems to be his balance.  He’s Jewish. Shes Italian. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of people that will be in this home during the holidays.

Living Room Before:

The first photo shows doors that are not functional. Keep that in mind. You can see to the right of the photo, that there are shallow steps. That leads to the actual entrance of the home.



Lot’s of space, lot’s of natural light. Bare Bones, open and ready for a design concept.


The photo below shows the entrance into the dining room.





The living room is the first room I took on. I will post more, as I complete other rooms. But, the design concept will for the most part, carry throughout the entire home. Tuscan Luxury, with a Hint of Modern Rustic. It’s what I felt the home needed, and what the clients needed. Yes, homes speak to me. Duh.

My first task, was to come up with the best layout, using their specific needs. Needs for this space included (1. )Making it more obvious that the”faux doors” were in fact not to be used. (2. )Fit a 6ft Grand Piano. and (3. )Make a space that can be utilized for entertaining, but also regular home life. I placed the grand piano in front of the faux doors, allowing the garden view to be seen, but not accessed from that location. Then, I created two separate areas within the one living room space. The “TV space”, and the “Piano Space”. To the left of my drawing, you can see the fireplace as the focal point (and eventually a TV will be placed above). A HUGE coffee table is in the center, like 5 x 5 feet. This will anchor the space. There are three types of seating I have provided. A sofa (8 foot in length), two identical chairs, and an antique lounge. It was highly important, that those two identical chairs be in that exact location, and facing inward the way that they are. The angular position invites conversation and unity among the guests. The chairs themselves (opposed to a sofa) gives an airyness that connects the entire living room, and will make guests feel comfortable walking from one side, to the other. Had I placed a sofa in that location, then it would have completely blocked off that left side of the living Room.

Also, take a look at the rugs, in both my drawing, and my floating mood board.,Two different rugs are used. A irregular shaped rug was needed for the piano area to provide flow for guests. A square or rectangular rug would just cut off any desire to mingle. True Story.

photo (10)


Draft One - Ron- Living Room


Let’s analyze the mood board in comparison to my design concept: Tuscan Luxury with a Hint of Rustic Modern.

Tuscan is found in the architectural details of the space and home, but also in the colors used here. Layers of warms golds and browns. Antique Tuscan Suzani Fabric will be used on a statement furniture piece, and possibly a couple pillows. Luxury comes in two ways. The first, is the quality of the items chosen. We want the items to be great quality, and not just “look the part”. Secondly, Luxury comes from the layered golds and tans, and grand layout of the space. A few rustic details are evident, in the coffee table especially with the “X” base. But also, in the cowhide rug, and artwork featuring a “tree ring”. Modern wiggles it’s way in as well. Minimalistic framing of the artwork with no frill or fuss, that gloss white garden stool, and even in the symmetry and color of the identical living room chairs. Although, I would really say they are more “family style modern”. An eclectic mix of items are perfect for this eclectic couple.

This living room project,is far from being completed. The major tasks,  like coming up with a floor plan, and mood board are done, but now, sourcing items that fit within that is my current task. I am a sourcing wiz, and basically I get to spend my work days stalking the San Francisco craigslist for awesome and antique furniture. Dream Job.

P.S. I’m basically all about Instagram these days, so, to stay updated on small details of this project, you can follow me on there  @DahlHouseInteriors #ClientCaliTuscanModern


* An E-Design service provides the client with accessible design advice that sets the framework for a single room, for a set fee. All work is completed via telephone and email. All that is needed from the client is a completed design questionnaire, a budget, and images and dimensions of your room. Returned to the client will be a design concept, mood board (which is what you see above), a complete shopping guide which includes non-urgent and urgent items (usually sale items or items found on ebay/craigslist),and a detailed floorplan

Click here for design service inquiries. Or email me @, Subject Line: Design Service Inquiry

To see more of Lauren’s E-Designs, Click here Or here, for more portfolio images.

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