My Favorite Perfectly Round Budget Friendly Stylish Mirrors

For those of you who don’t know, I’m re-doing my mudroom. It’s basically all I ever talk about and think about. A huge blog post about the entire makeover will be coming in the next couple of weeks, but for now, you can follow along the progress on Instagram #mymudroommakeover. Or, if you don’t have Instagram, you can call me, and I can tell you everything about it. Or, you can wait until I hire a photographer to take pretty pictures of the whole space, and create that blog post. My mudroom makeover is an investment in my business and an investment in my family. But, even though I do think of it as an “investment”, I am still on a budget.

One of the most challenging aspects of the space, was finding a perfectly round mirror to hang over a bench that I had custom made. The criteria for my mirror: Less than $100, minimal frame (aka nothing super decorative or thick), perfectly round, 20-30 inches, and no silver used. Only brass or light wood. Bonus criteria: leather details or rope for hanging.

Why does it need to be perfectly round?


With all of the grid like shapes going on in the space (from the plaid walls, to the simple lines on the bench, the compartments, the rectangular shape of the walls and room itself), a perfectly round mirror would provide extreme balance. It also needs to be round, because I’m obsessed with a round mirror ever since my mom found a HUGE round mirror at a yardsale for $5 like two years ago. I tried to convince her to give it to me, but no luck.

After weeks of searching, I did finally find my mirror. I always search used stores first, which included a hunt at two Peddler’s Malls, and three small antique shops. But nothing was to be found. Weird. So then I searched online sales and stores, and I came up with some pretty good options, but with shipping costs, it would have put me slightly over my $100 criteria. Then I found it. The Louisville Anthropologie store had a round mirror on sale for $98, which is actually no longer available online, but It was still a really great find that totally met all criteria + bonus criteria. So, yeah.

Below is a round-up of my favorite round mirrors, all inspired by my very own hunt to find one.

Favorite Mirrors blog

1. Safavieh Time Out Mirror, $125, Target , 21″

2. Round Floral Hazel Mirror, $32, World Market , 26″

3. Sailors Mirror, $58 – $100, Anthropologie , size varies (this is the one most similar to the one I bought)

4.  Metal Porthole Mirror, $89, Target  , 22″

5. White Framed Mirror, $159, Home Depot, 32″

6. Stabekk Mirror, $99, Ikea, 29.5″


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