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Meet Becky and Mike. Becky is like my soul mate client. She found me on Instagram many many months ago. Or I found her. I can’t remember exactly, but I am so glad we connected. Becky and Mike are this awesome couple with two big dogs. They are world travelers, hard workers, and live in Knoxville, TN. Just a couple loving life. Recently, I had the chance to work with Becky on her living room/dining room makeover via my E-Design service. As of right now, the design is being implemented, but many items are in limbo land waiting to arrive at their home. For her project, we had several items custom made, which is awesome, except for it means waiting. I cannot wait for all items to arrive so that Becky and Mike can enjoy their new space, but also, so I can show a full reveal of the space. It’s like all I think about sometimes.

phot of becky mike

Just a little FYI, Becky is way more fabulous than these “before” photos. Actually, nothing is super wrong with the before photos, it’s just not a true reflection of Becky and Mike, nor is it a result of the loads of potential that this living/dining room space has to offer. I love the Valentines Day Decor that Becky has up. I need to get better about decorating for the Holidays. I should probably first focus on attempting to have a clean house on the regular, before I dive into something like holiday decor.


unnamed (2)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (8)

I’ve seen this space a million times. Not THIS space, but basically this space. It’s the combined space when two people get married, move into a home, and go on about their lives never truly addressing the design.  I see so much potential from these before photos. Tons of wall space. An open floor plan. Bar area. Window nook to the back right. Um. And so on. This is the very space that Becky and Mike walk into day after day. This is also the space they spend 90% of their “awake” time in, outside of work. It needs to be amazing. It needs to say “Welcome home Becky and Mike. Let’s relax and eat food. Or have a cocktail party. Or a dinner party.”

Spacial Needs:

Design wise, Becky wanted the space to feel light and airy. Neutral and high end, with pops of color. Calm and relaxing. Traditional long term pieces with a modern twist. She appreciates the handmade, the heirloom, and the traveled. All Mike requested was a reclining chair, and artwork that “made him feel something”. I find that funny, because it reminds me of my Mike, especially because just days ago her Mike posted a pic on instagram of his workout at the Golds Gym in Venica, CA. Totally a Mike thing to do. Anyway. Becky and Mike needed furniture to be dog friendly, they needed dining for at least six people, and they needed the window nook to be addressed in the design. The space feels very large and open, but the living room area allows for limited seating. Becky and Mike needed optimum seating for the space. Becky had a major request to have an all wood dining table, no veneer. Becky also had several items from her travels that needed to be incorporated, included an antique print, delft houses, and a ceramic clock.

Here is the design concept I came up with:

Becky and Mike Mood Board Final

Gray walls will instantly lighten the space, and give a modern feel, while remaining timeless for years to come. Neutrals carry the weight in this space, yet not one neutral is “drowning in neutrals”, they all are strong and evident. The details in this space do the talking. Like the brass hardware, and the custom pillows made with designer fabric. Navy has a strong voice in the space as well. One of my favorite items in the entire space are the dining room chars. Unexpected, yet they totally make sense.  I consider them to be a true statement piece.

The floor plan stayed very much the same. It’s one of those things that was working, so why change it.

Final Floor Plan - Becky & Mike

My pointer finger is gross. When will I stop biting my nails? Never. Ignore it. I’m sorry I even mentioned it!

I provide up to three paint options for my E-Design clients, but the end result was “MoonShine” by Benjamin Moore. I don’t look at paint color names when deciding the perfect color for my clients, BUT, I was very amused that the name of this color was “Moonshine”, being that Tennessee is known for moonshine. Or maybe that’s West Virginia. Or Kentucky. Basically, I didn’t fact the whole moonshine thing, but it’s an educated guess, and either way, I still find it fitting for my Knoxville clients.

moonshine bm

Like I said earlier, I am SO excited for this space to come together in full completion, and to show you all Becky & Mikes finished living/dining room space.




reserved listing

An E-design is accessible interior design for clients near, and far. Included in an E-design package is a mood board, detailed shopping guide, and floor plan.

Learn more about the E-Design process by visiting the “services” page , Or see more of Lauren’s work here, and  here.

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2 Comments on “E-Design | Becky and Mike | Living Room + Dining

  1. Looking good. Can’t wait to see the finished product. The process is interesting as well though. 🙂

  2. I love these plans! That rug is one of my favorites. But more importantly I feel ya on the nail biting struggle!! I am currently fighting the urge to bite off the gel polish I have going on!

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