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Every now and then, you meet someone who totally surprises you with how they got to where they are today.  Most stories are quite obvious, like when you meet a Doctor, for example. Likely, their story includes something along the lines of, “OH, I went to medical school, and then I drank too much coffee in medical school because I was studying, and then I started a medical practice with my sister’s friend because she is also a Doctor, and now I’m here…still drinking too much coffee but also living it up and going on lots of nice vacations on my off days”. Totally predictable (which is fine, and even great, by the way). But then there are people like Philadelphia based photographer, Sachi Anand.  Sachi informed me early on, that she actually graduated from medical school (Chicago Midwestern), but it was her passion for photography that led to the pursuit of owning her own photography business.  Had she not told me that, I would have had no idea. Her wedding and fashion photos are high end, complex, and beautiful. There is not one trinkle of evidence in her work that she is self taught. Her work has even been featured in South Asian Bride Magazine. Go girl go. She gave me a quote that was and remains a huge inspiration for her and her career choices, which you can find a little ways down.


Like most photographers and creative entrepeanuers, Sachi works from home. She wanted her home studio office to be more reflective of her personal style, and she finally felt that now was the time to take her photography office + studio to the next level. After all, the space where you spend most of your day, should be a space worth being in.

all we have is now

In the beginning, Sachi sent me inspiration photos from the “Ugly Betty” office. She was also very certain that she wanted wallpaper.  Budget was a huge factor in the design, and although we didn’t exactly end up at the complete “Ugly Betty” look, there are most definitely elements that relate, yet with a Sachi twist.  Modern, pops of orange, bold & minimal. We used existing pieces to save money, but invested in pieces that elevated the design.

ugly betty inspiration

As part of an E-design, I always start with mood boards, with necessary revisions. So although mood boards do not show the client exact items to purchase, they do show the vibe. Wallpaper was the first step, especially while working with a budget. As you can see in the image below, the initial mood board shows a geometric wallpaper, using a bright color.  Also you can see the original idea of creating a modern + geometric lower wainscoting. She loved the idea, but we really couldn’t find a way to work that into the budget. Wood + labor = no room for wallpaper. The boards also show pops of color against white and light. Once she approved the overall mood of the space, the hunt for the perfect wallpaper began!


In our private Pinterest board / Shopping Guide, I pinned probably ten different wallpapers as options. That’s a lot of research and number crunching, guys! All of the wallpapers were geometric in pattern, and all allowed for a modern pop of color in the space, whether it be in the actual wallpaper, or a neutral pattern that enhanced a pop elsewhere.

shopping guide

The one that she was drawn to most, was the “Triangles” wallpaper created by Lisa Congdon, and sold at Hygge and West. And it’s not that she was just “mostly drawn to it”..it was like once she saw it, she had to have it! I pinned this as an option, but it was a little different than the others, in that it was actually removable wallpaper. Designer Paper.  On sale. Yes.


before and wallpaper progress


quote plus first dollar

detail shot


IMG_6639 IMG_6667

IMG_6648 IMG_6684


orange frames and wide view



All Photographs were taken by Philadelphia based wedding and fashion photographer , Sachi Anand.

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An E-Design is one of the design services offered by Lauren Dahl, Dahl House Interiors. An E-design sets the framework for a single room for a set fee. Included in the package is a mood board, floor plan, and shopping guide.

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5 Comments on “E-Design + Before & After Photos | Sachi Anand

  1. Love the wallpaper and bright accents! Great job yet again!

  2. Great job Lauren! Pops of orange are so scary, but you nailed it. Also love the gallery wall, and that wallpaper is so modern and fun. Kristal – thepotatohouse.net

    • I am so sorry to just now be seeing this comment! Thanks so much for your kind words. I totally agree that pops of orange can be scary!

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