Painted Baby Shower Gift Box DIY + Go-To Items

Final pic

Baby boys are everywhere in my world. Not the whole world, just my world.  I have three nephews, a billion boy cousin-in-laws (is that a thing?), a two year old boy myself, and then like a million other people I know have boys as well.  I love it, because boys are wonderful little beings. But when I hear of someone having a baby girl, it get’s me so excited.  The idea of a girl coming into the world really brings out the dainty tea party-ness within me, opposed to the part of me that makes car sounds all day. It’s a breath of fresh air. Gosh, that whole intro sounds so gender defined based on activities traditional boys and girls like to do. Move along people, I know girls and boy activities and color palettes are interchangable. But today, they aren’t. Today, I’m blogging a DIY that’s over the top girly. Pink,  floral, and breastfeeding essentials. #GirlPower

My cousin Emily, she’s having a girl! Her baby shower was yesterday morning, so all week I’ve been working on her gift. Well, the “making it part” only took an afternoon. It was the “other stuff” part that took a bit longer. Like photographing, editing, and trying my hands at making a gif.  But I love that aspect of what I do, so I didn’t mind one bit. Emily’s shower was perfect. We all wore are fancy flats and blushy cheeks, laughed and talked, ate a yummy brunch in the brunchiest of ways, oohed and awed over tiny baby clothes, and even questioned our own health and fitness level at the fact that even a pregnant person could somehow look more fit than us. Perfect morning in my books.  I really can’t take credit for the gift items themselves, because when I was pregnant, it was my sister-in-law Kristen, who gave me some of these exact items. I’m copying it, because they turned out to be my go-to necessities when breastfeeding. For me, not for little Ari. Oh copy cat Lauren, just around town copying everyone’s gift items. So typical.

Emily has always been the perfect gift wrapper. Even when we were teenagers. Probably even when we were children.  At Christmas, her packages were crisp and neat, labeled correctly in a Christmas-y way, and really always seemed to steal the show. As they so deserved. So, in Emily’s honor, I decided to really get carried away with the gift presentation.


Supplies :

1. Pastel paints (I mixed up some colors with mostly white, and only a few dabbles of other colors). + Paint Palette

2. Brushes + Water Cup

3. A plain craft box (I got mine at Michael’s for $3.99)

4. Sticky Back Felt (I chose white because it was the only light color they had available that day).

6. Scissors

7.Thin Tipped Sharpie

8. Optional : Gift Tag, Contact Paper, Hot Glue, Tissue Paper



The key when painting a craft box, or cardboard anything for that matter, is to use as little water as possible. That way the box stays sturdy, and in tip top structural shape. Floral’s are so lovely, and so are baby’s and baby showers. It only made sense that I use feminine floral pattern on the box. Painting flower-y shapes are nothing to over think. I used some shapes that reminded me of leaves, ferns, blooms, and stems. I kept some of the cardboard showing through, as I thought it added a nice rustic look in contrast to the painted dainty areas. Simple shapes that vary in size will add interest to the pattern. I have areas where I painted tiny little dots, and other areas of large blobs.


Like I said before, painting is nothing to over think. Once you have the box painted and all paint has dried, it’s time to go back and outline with a sharpie. I use ink or thin sharpie in the majority of my art pieces, I just feel like it’s so therapeutic to outline and doodle. That’s why my grades used to be so bad, is because I was too busy doodling to listen. Sorry, teachers. Outlining also helps to refine and define painterly marks.


The bow is the show piece to the whole box. The bright lipstick on top of an already stylin’ outfit, if you will. This bow is made from sticky back felt. It’s big, and therefore, it’s special.  It all depends on your box size, what size felt pieces you need. Below, I have created loose guidelines for your felt bow. A few years ago, when Pinterest first came about, I came across a lot of “bow” and “Gift wrapping ” tutorials. So this is a combination of what my memory is of those tutorials that inspired me years ago.

Felt Shapes DIY shower box

Steps for Felt Bow

How Pretty.

Final pic birds eye box only

As you can see in the Gif below, I used contact paper to line the inside of the box,  pink tissue paper for doubled wrapping, and a watercolor gift tag. Also, and most importantly, you can see the items I chose for Emily. These are my go-to breastfeeding/pumping items, that I personally believe to be a statement piece for any new mom.


Breastfeeding Gifts

1. Lansinoh Milk Bags:

Mike and I went on a trip to Alaska about two months after I had Ari. It was a dream trip and the whales were calling my name (if you missed design details from that trip, you can catch up here, and here). I had to go, it was just something I needed to do.  Ari was not able to go, and actually, he wasn’t invited. No offense, Ari. Anyway, I was still pumping at the time, and we all know how precious breast milk is, and we also know how a simple change of schedule can deplete your supply. Stingy milk. I took these bags all the way to Alaska, pumped, filled them all, and flew them back home. The milk never leaked, and stayed frozen the entire 13 hour travel day. Find them here.

2. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream: 

Uh. Because breastfeeding and pumping can be the most painful life sucking thing ever. Except probably not more painful than those few hours before you give birth. Or like, when you stub your toe on a really heavy rock. Or cut your arm off with a saw. Find it here.

3. Lansinoh 3-in-one Breast Therapy: 

Oh my gosh. Shout out to Kristen for even getting me this in the first place. I bought one for Emily, and okay she didn’t register for it, but who cares, she needs it. Says Me (that annoying person who gives people things they don’t register for). It’s one of those items that I didn’t even actually know existed, so had she not given it to me, it would have never crossed my mind to go to the store and get it myself. I needed this. Every. Single. day. I had mastitis during pregnancy (like what, yeah, weird, no thanks), and of course it continued after having Ari. It was painful, and normal-ish, but this product was a true lifesaver. Find it here.

Head over to my Instagram to share some of your favorite go-to mom items!


6 Comments on “Painted Baby Shower Gift Box DIY + Go-To Items

  1. That’s a really cool idea. I wish I would have seen is when my sister had her baby shower!

  2. The box was beautiful and now I want to give those gifts to all my other pregnant friends!

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