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donut coffee still life shot

I’m one of those creative people that tends to spend a lot of time alone. Partially because it’s where I feel safe, and partially, because I’m a one woman show right now. I work from home, and lack the budget for hiring cool employees to come hang out with me. So, I kind of have to hang out alone on all of my work days,  to work on my design projects. Like you know, if I want to make any money doing what I love. Which I do.  Despite that excessive alone time, sometimes I love to change out of my paint covered sweatpants, leave my house, and go out into the world to meet other creative people. Or to the mall, that’s fine too.

Lauren Creative Mornings


Truly, there is a huge part of me that thrives on social situations, and then part of me that wants to curl up in a ball and run away. Or roll. Whatever. The shy seven year old Lauren would be proud of the 26 or 27 year old Lauren. Not sure of my age, sorry. It’s just a number anyway.  I’m sure many others can relate. It’s easy to be creative, the hard part is growing as the creative you, and networking with other creatives. It’s necessary though.

If I had one piece of advice to give to creative people (or any kind of people) who want to grow their business, it’s to put yourself out there, even when it’s hard. Even when half the time you force yourself to make eye contact. Even when you have to try extra hard to make complete sentences. Even when you have to constantly tell yourself to not get distracted by all the pretty hanging outdoor lights. Uh, me. Worst- case scenerio though, just borrow Beyonce’s alter ego (Sasha Fierce, duh).

Paige and Lauren

Friday, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Creative Mornings Louisville Event. Oh my gosh. Best vibes ever. “Creative Mornings” is a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. No, you do not need to have a creative job to attend, anyone can attend. Any and everyone who just loves being surrounded by passionate, creative, go-getting folks. I’m involved in several creative groups (more on that in another blog post), but I am so happy to now be a part of this one as well.  It is not limited to the Louisville Community, in fact, it takes place one Friday a month, in cities all around the world. For me, my city happens to be my beloved Louisville.

Let me paint you a picture with my words and excessive punctuation about the event:

Hundreds of creative people. Lots of striped shirts. Beards but not an annoying amount of beards. Donuts with cereal on top. Coffee, Urban venue. Downtown. Lipstick. Funny people.  Too many photos. But not really. Networking. New people. Supportive peers. Motivation to grow. Community. Local businesses. Local people. Um. I don’t know, I even saw a woman with her baby there. Now that’s dedication.

Now let’s dive into the deets.

Guest Speaker/ Who was there: Whit Hiler & Griffin VanMeter, of Kentucky For Kentucky. On the Topic Of: Revolution

Kentucky For Kentucky

Whit and Griffin were great to listen to. Why? First of all they were approachable. I even shocked myself when I asked a question in front of hundreds of people. But, I needed to know the answer, so like, I had to ask.  Nothing too complex, I  just needed to know if this was their real job, and if they had quit their day jobs. I think I could have worded it much more fancy, but why. No. I can ask whatever I want. Bye. Whit and Griffin were also great because they made the audience feel completely comfortable. As if were circle time for eight people. Plus they were super on point with their message and story of Revolution, the simple breakdown of their speech (they gave 15 steps for branding yourself), and the way they carefully weaved humor and casual tones throughout.

Who else was there: Well, lots of people. In fact, tickets sold out just hours after they were released (signing up for their email will , and over 130 people were on the waiting list after that. It was great running into lots of the people  that I normally only interact with online. Which can also be awkward because as we all know, people look different in real life, and if you stare to long to try and figure it out, you’ve just come off as creepy. Or passive. Or scared.

Here are some people I ran into:

Allison Myers: Local Louisville maven and founder of Eat Love Louisville. Find her here, and here.

eat love louisville

Paige Rhodes: Recipe developer, curator, and founder of My Modern Cookery. Find her here, and here. (And okay, I didn’t “run into her” there, we met up on purpose. #pals)

Coffee Break for Paige

Margaret and Nathan Beagle: Cute married creative couple with a hundred kids. Just kidding, only three. Owner of Rainy Day Colors, an online paper goods shop. Find Margaret here.

rainy day colors

Josh Johnson : Blogger and Founder of The Kentucky Gent Blog, find him here, and here.

The Kentucky Gent

I’m excited to see who I will run into next time, hopefully it’s you! Yes, you. Even you, Allison Williams  (my sister). P.S to my sister, Allison, this is a hidden test to see if you actually read my blog. You have two days to confirm that you do. Or else. Gosh guys, I’m so sorry to bring everyone in on the family drama. Moving on now.

Local Goodies:

Donuts | Hi-Five Donuts, Louisville

Coffee | Sunergos Coffee 


Photobooth | Magbooth Louisville

Venue | ReSurfaced Louisville 

Chris Nolan Art Print

Signed & Numbered Derby Art Print | Chris Nolan, Artist

(Guys. I cannot believe that at this FREE event, they gave away large art prints. You better believe I’m going to frame this, style it, and love it forever).

Event Task: Ben Terry created this cool “Revolution” interactive art piece. Oh whose Ben Terry? Just the lead host and person responsible for bringing creative mornings to us Louisvillians. Find him Here. The task was to finish the sentence, “I want to start..”. We all know how empowering it is to actually write things down. Writing things down put you one step closer to making it a reality. For me, I want to start 1. Making more money with my biz, and 2. Start wearing less sweat pants. The second will be the hardest. You know how it is.

It was so refreshing to attend this event, and I can’t wait to see and share what Creative Louisville is up to next month. Well, okay, actually I will be on the beach in Florida, but don’t worry, I will find a special someone to share the goods, and will a hundred percent be at the following one.

Sign Up For Creative Mornings Email (so your first to know when tickets are out!). Not local? Look up your city! Follow Creative Mornings Louisville on social media, for all the behind the scenes info. Instagram  |  Twitter


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11 Comments on “Creative Mornings Louisville – Revolution

  1. I loved this post. The photos are so fun – it looks like you had an amazing time. AND you know how I love stripes and bright lipstick, so I am LOVING your outfit. I need to look into something like this event in San Diego. xoxoxox!

  2. Hey your wording is so exciting!! and I Love your to do list. Go Lauren!!! Love Mom

  3. It looks like you had an absolute BLAST! Love all the pictures. And if I would have met The Kentucky Gent I would have died and gone to heaven. I love his blog.

  4. Okay I definitely will try to make it to a Philly a Creative Morning event, even if I have to use vacation time to get out of my day job! You are so funny I love your writing! I totally think of Sasha fierce to if I’m feeling insecure about anything. Hahahahaha!

  5. Okay, you’ve convinced me that I need to go to one of these in Philly -even if I have to take time off from my day job. You are hysterical. I liked the Sasha Fierce part- I think if her too if I’m feeling insecure about anything 😀

  6. Yes, I love Creative Mornings! And I completely understand the need to spend a lot of time alone to keep the creative flow going. Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. No need for a Father’s Day gift, watching you grow into the smart, creative, and enterprising woman and mother is plenty enough for me. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments, and especially you as a person. Reading your blog has definitely made my day. I love you so much. Dad PS Anyone else who reads this, I just want you to know Lauren is for real. Her passion and creativity insures success. Don’t think twice about hiring her, at least continue to follow her blog and you will begin to see what I’m talking about

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