Popsicle Monday’s – Six Weeks In Review No.1

Popsicle Mondays is an Instagram series that I created to document 12 weeks of popsicle making, created purely for no reason at all other than I love playing with food, taking pretty pictures, being on a creative schedule, eating treats, and watching Ari eat treats. Although. Watching Ari eat a popsicle is actually equally as stressful as it is wonderful. As in gross, and sticky, and tends to end in a huge display of physco two year old non-sense when the popsicle is done.

I committed myself to 12 weeks of popsicles. That number was just as random as the idea to make a popsicle series to begin with.  I’m sticking to it. I mean, I guess if I dug deep down into my thought process,  the number twelve seemed like a more professional number than eleven or thirteen, and ten seemed like not enough popsicles, but fifteen felt like a concern that fall might be here during that time leaving my summer treats in the dust.  But whatever, whose analyzing anyways.

I also would like to thank my friend Charlotte Kyle, for giving me free advice late at night on the proper possessive advice for words like “Monday, monday’s, popsicle, popsicle’s”, and so on.  I failed freshman high school English, so I kind of missed out on that whole possessive lesson thing.  No big deal. I was just too busy doodling in my notebook to listen, and too busy to do homework or study because I had a social life on AOL instant messenger. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. Also I am full of other wonderful knowledge, like the other English lessons I did catch, I know all about sharks and whales, and I am an excellent speaker/writer on topics such as foreshadowing and symbolism found in any given novel.

Below are six weeks in review.

Week #1: Mango Ginger + Honey

This was a throw back from last summer. How uncreative of me, right? To use a past project, how could I? I know. I’m sorry.

week 1

Week #2 : Yogurt + Blackberry Jam

I’m not sure if this is gross or not, but I saved all the leftover yogurt from Ari’s breakfast each day to make these popsicles. These swirly yogurt popsicles are a hodge podge of vanilla, banana greek yogurt, and blackberry jam. I added a tiny bit of water to the yogurt, then swirled in the jam. I often add tiny bits of water to the popsicles, just to make  sure everything gets super frozen.  I  use blackberry jam in SO many of my recipes at home, both savory, and sweet.   These were gone in about five hours, and I didn’t even get one!

week 2

Week #3: Honey Lemon Water + Green Apple

This week my flavor combo was inspired by that golden green paper you see in the photo. I’ve had a scrap piece of it for so long just sitting on my desk, so I figured I would put it to good use.

week 3

Week #4 : Oh, what’s that? No flavor this week. Just a building.

I happened to be camping during week #4, but I did come across the most colorful popsicle and cold treats shop I’ve ever seen. I love this view that leads to the upper apartment. I bet they have lots of small group late night pizza parties up there. Because like, why would they have ice cream parties when they can do that everyday at work.

week 4

Week #5 : Iced (literally) Green Tea Morning Drink

One of my weekly go-to blogs to read is Design Love Fest. I don’t go daily because I just don’t feel like it.  Anyway, she wrote a post about getting fit, and so this particular popsicle recipe is inspired by that. Not even a popsicle, more like an icecube. Same thing. Recently, my husband and I started drinking a morning concoction of a drink to get our day going. These cold cubes are basically a cute and more interesting to photograph version of our morning drink. Green Tea, fresh grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon, cayenne pepper. It’s a bit intense for an AM drink, but totally worth it. It gives you magical super powers. Or like, at least long and short term health benefits.

week 5

Week #6: Marshmallow Pudding Pops

Watered down vanilla pudding mix, with lots of colorful mini marshmallows. I have no idea how to even begin making pudding from scratch. I bet it’s so much better homemade. I could probably google it, but I bet it’s more of a science baking type of style, opposed to throwing random things together and hoping it works out kind of cooking style. So, I probably won’t do that. Anyway, these popsicles are so easy, and so yummy.

week 6

Six weeks from now I will be posting the other half of this summer’s POPSICLE MONDAYS. To see my weekly popsicles each Monday, follow along  here.


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