Tackling The Crap + New Blog Series

family photo

(Above: A true of-the-moment attempted portrait of my family. These are the people I live with, and these are the people I want to make a more live-able happy home for.)

Within the last year or so, I’ve really reached a breaking point with all of the crap around my house. This post is not about family feelings, it’s about house feelings. A dysfunctional chaotic home lifestyle is what we’ve got going on. An overwhelming feeling of never ending messes. Which we (myself, Mike, and Ari) all play a major role in, by the way. Also, let’s be real, family feelings and house feelings can overlap from time to time. I’d like to avoid being a psycho rude lady running around the house because I’m mad that toys are taking over..like if I can.

Objects, toys, mail, laundry, food sometimes, important papers – scattered haphazardly throughout. I find myself unhappy about the overall look of everything when I walk in the house. Mostly functional things, but aesthetic things also. Wall colors from past home owners, light fixtures, a lack of pretty pillows, not enough wall art, hatred towards the exposed speakers on our fireplace mantle, stains on the carpet, etc. Seemingly silly stuff, but still very real stuff.  So much do be done, the feeling of “Where do I start?” drives me crazy.

Our lives are busy. I’m sure you can relate. You walk into your house, and you’re just like “Ugh. oh my gosh. vomit. I suck. let’s move”. But then, you just plop on the sofa, spend time with the family, watch a few episodes of Peppa The Pig + King Of Queens, eat, go to bed, and repeat the next day.

I’m ready for new energy in the house. More plants, more color, more white space, more organization, more structure, a designated place for all items, routine, more of “us” present in the design, and more time for our family to just play and relax knowing the other stuff is taken care of. A few months ago, I tackled the mud room, and that alone has been a tremendous positive change in the house. But, I’m ready for more.

By addressing structure, routine, and function, your not abandoning being that cool old you that could just “go with the flow”. As we grow older, and families expand, it’s important to re-address the living situation. How can we all live happily in this one space? What changes can I make around the house so that everyone living here can have a more live-able lifestyle? Is there something I can do today, so that from here on out my mornings run smoother, or my evenings can be filled with more play? Am I doing my part as a homeowner?

These things are always on my mind.

My personal problem is this idea that I  want entire rooms to undergo a makeover. I have trouble addressing the smaller areas. I’m greedy like that. It’s like, no I don’t want to buy a new kitchen table if I can’t redo the entire kitchen with backsplash + new cabinets + new lights. Just being honest, not saying it makes sense. But, things rarely get done with that mindset, and so it’s time I change my mindset.

Over the next few months I’m making a real commitment to tackle a variety of house problems that I have, and will be sharing them all with you here as part of my “Tackle The Crap” series. They may be small, and some are very inexpensive (yay), but I’ve realized that they are beyond necessary. Below are my priority areas (in no true order), but the list could go on forever.

1.”Tackle A Kid Friendly Bathroom”: (Downstairs half bath):  Kid friendly + Guest Friendly +  Complete

2. “Tackle The Toys”: (Living room) Provide intense toy storage + de-clutter unused toys

3.”Tackle The Household Paperwork”: (Kitchen Wall) Control center for  calendars, bills, meal plans, etc.

4. “Tackle The Kitchen Table”(Kitchen Eating Area) Ari accessible + Family Durable + inexpensive update

5. “Tackle Food Storage” (Kitchen Bookshelf): Clear containers + open shelving for daily dried goods

6: “Tackle The Mornings” (Ari’s Bedroom Wall) Days of the week storage for daily outfits

7. “Tackle The Windows” (Living Room Window): Fresh paint +  new knobs + hanging plant + happy vibes

8. “Tackle The Sofa” (Living Room Couches): New washable/bleach-able slipcovers + a few throw pillows


Reader Question: What are functional goals for your house in the coming months?



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