My Real Life Living Room (yuck) + Design Goals For It

Our living room is by far the most used room in our home. A lot of TV watching, toy playing, food eating, and sitting around goes on in there. It’s the gathering room when family or friends stop by. Good times.

I mention my living room every now and then, but I never photograph it. I’m just not satisfied with it overall. Don’t get me wrong, happy and wonderful days take place there. It’s not about that though, it’s really about the design, function, and cleanliness for goodness sakes! Which truthfully would lead to a happier more functional lifestyle as I do believe.

It serves it’s purpose on occasion, but it’s not a space that I feel reflects our style or needs. It’s a vast tan box with stains and junk everywhere. The bones are good, but we are using it so wrong. I spend a lot of time in there, which means I also spend a lot of time thinking about changes I would love to make if I were filthy rich. You know how it is.

In my last blog post (introducing my “Tackle The Crap” series) I wrote my feelings about making small house changes over longer periods of time, and how I’m warming up to that idea, despite my true love of documenting a full “before and after.
My living room has a ton of potential,  so let’s dive in!

1.The big view: Fresh white paint. Hardwood floors (eventually). For now, hire a carpet cleaner +  keep big rug. No real demo needed.

Entire Room Goals blog

  1. The Long Couch Wall:

big couch wall blog

  1. The “play area”. Ha. Play area is actually everywhere!

Kids rug, a short bookcase, little table, art display, some sort of something to bring the eye up? This is one of those areas I really struggle with, because I can think of lots of really great things to do with the space, but they are all age subjective, and don’t necessarily grow with the child as the child grows up. Definitely an area for me to put more thought in.

play area blog

  1. The short couch wall:

small couch blog

  1. The technology area: Floor to ceiling built in bookshelf with lower cabinets. This will be a huge investment, so it will have to wait until next summer at least. I just really hate this stupid situation we have going on right now in that area, it’s chaos. And dark. I bet dust is everywhere.

technology nook blog

  1. The “TV” wall.

Tv’s aren’t the best for making awesome photographs, but they sure are awesome for real life living! I love our oversized TV. Hate the mantle styling. Hate the fireplace tiles.

tv wall  blog

  1. The bar wall:

Install large toy storage unit (green and refreshing), children’s art, plant.Don’t forget, all that tan wall paint will be gone, and completely brightened with some shade of white paint.

Half wall blog

8. Bathroom door wall: I just want it all gone! A bathroom door, that’s it. bathroom door blog

Lot’s and lot’s of goals for my living room! Like any normal person, budget + time play the major role in having to wait. Some goals will take months, others years. BUT, a few of those changes get to happen within the next couple of weeks, which is exciting! Please tell me you also live this way. Please.


One Comment on “My Real Life Living Room (yuck) + Design Goals For It

  1. Wonderfully refreshing ideas, Lauren!…and I totally get the “having to wait” zinger….we’ve been doing that off and on over the past forty-some years for just about every idea we’ve labeled as “good”! It’s always such a “healing” feeling when a good idea becomes reality! Keep the faith… you!

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