Gender Reveal + Nursery Plans

It's A

Time seems to move a little bit slower when your waiting. You know how it is. For me, waiting to find out the gender of our baby has been one of those “slow moving time” things. It’s not that it’s super important compared to the health and growth of the baby, but on some level, knowing the gender was important to me. I like to plan, and I like to know things. Sometimes, I even like to know what I’m eating for dinner three days from now.

I am always trying to figure things out, so there’s no way I wouldn’t turn to google to look up old wives tales. Like I could never not. Here are some of those results:

Chinese Gender Calendar : Girl

Dreams (Apparently it’s the opposite of what you dream): I only dreamed girl, so according to this, it’s a boy.

Hands (palm up or down): Mine was palm up, so girl

String over belly: Boy

Morning sickness: Girl

High or Low: Boy, but I feel like it’s too early to even tell.

Skin: Boy

Gut Feeling: Girl most days, but boy some days


baby boy


I pretty much couldn’t stop crying (tears of joys!) once they told us. I cry daily at any and every single thing, so clearly I was going to cry at a doctors appointment. I think I would have cried either way with overwhelming joy, because it’s a special moment to know more about the identity of the baby that your carrying. A girl would have been wonderful of course, but to be a mom of a boy feels so right for me. I feel so excited for the adventures two boys will bring, and the life they will give me that I didn’t have growing up since I had a sister. It’s like a whole new world, that’s awesome, and adventurous, and messy, and sweet.

To catch up on my life + pregnancy so far, read here. (it’s a long one, so maybe catch up when you are really bored one day)

One of the reasons I was anxious to know the gender, is so that I could begin planning the nursery. Nursery’s are huge financial investments, so although I’m only 18+ weeks, it really does take 5-6 more months to buy and install everything. It’s not like the nursery is the only project I have going on, we all know I’m going borderline crazy trying to organize my house and create function and order. Just really slowly, because I equally love sitting around doing nothing. But the point here, is that I want to be smart about where I spend my money.

I plan on making the nursery as beautiful and functional as possible, while being on a very tight budget. This means a lot of thrifting, hunting, and DIY-ing. So, I need lots and lots of time. I don’t have a specific theme, but I did create a mood board for the look I want. It’s simple, minimal, embracing baby boy, and hints of nature and wonder. It’s always about a color story for me, more than any theme or style. Ultimately, it was colors that inspired all of my choices.

Nursery Mood Board - Baby Dahl

I’m so excited to be able to dive into the nursery! I need to clean out my home office first, because that will become the nursery. I will be using a different work space in our house for working. BUT, after I get around to that, I’ll be good to go! I see lot’s of peddlers mall visits in my near future, nights in the garage making things, and lots of hours spent on Ebay. I don’t give a care if the baby doesn’t technically need the nursery until months after he is born, I want to have everything completed months before his arrival. You know how it is.


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