Thrifting With Lauren / no.11

“Thrifting With Lauren” is a blog series dedicated to cheap or cool stuff that Lauren finds. Most photos are below average, taken on a whim with her i-phone, mostly in efforts to not look like a crazy person taking fancy photos at any given thrift store. Lauren documents the ugly, the weird, the good deals, fair prices, pieces with potential, and the over-the-top beautiful items well beyond her budget. Topics of interest are based solely on what current projects she is working on. Want more Thrifting posts? Find them all here.

Thrift Store Finds  /  no.11  / Sister Day In Lexington

 I spent this past weekend visiting my sister, because I was in desperate need of her company. I needed time to sit around, watch non stop reruns of Barefoot Contessa, shop, eat, and sleep. Sometimes you just really need those things.

On Saturday, we set out to explore the Lexington Peddler’s Mall. Allison is one of the few people I feel comfortable shopping with at Peddler’s malls and antique stores. She gives me time limits, understands when I get grouchy, hangry (hungry-angry), overheated, and overwhelmed. I wish I could blame pregnancy, but I can’t. I’m just naturally all high maintenance and annoying when I go to these types of places.

A perfect photo op presented itself outside the store, so I just had to jump on it. A white textured wall and sitting spot plus un-direct natural daytime light. I can’t really go into a lot of details about how I took this photo, but basically it involves an old diaper box, a ten second timer, and me jumping lightly onto my car and then onto the window.

We just so happened to go on the very day of their fall festival. Yeah, I didn’t know that Peddler’s Mall’s had fall festivals either, but apparently they do. The vibes were perfect. I was on the lookout for big nursery items that would also fit in my car for the drive home. Clearly, I left with nothing. That combo doesn’t really work. Allison also left with nothing, except a cup of free hot cider. She’s cheap like that.

Five Drawer Antique Oak Dresser, $85.

I like how solid this piece felt. I dislike the color for nursery, and I also dislike the knobs. For the price, it would have been worth it as a dresser, but I quickly decided that I’m not in the market for a tall dresser. I need it to be long, short, and able to have a changing station up top.

Original Vintage Figurative Watercolor, $48.97

Original art always spikes my interest, and lately, I’ve been on the lookout for a nice piece of figurative art for the living room. With nursery budget on the brain, I couldn’t really spare $50 for this piece. Maybe if it were larger. Maybe if it didn’t have that red outline. I’m very particular about how much red color I let into my life. Lipstick only, basically.

Vintage Maple Rocker/Chair, $45.

Well. I do need a rocker, and $45 is a great price. But, I can’t have orange  + used fabric on the rocker, so the price to get this piece upholstered would go beyond my budget. Plus, I wasn’t completely sold on how glossy the maple wood looked. Like calm down, gloss. I think this piece has tons of potential, for someone else.

Year 1917, Pair of Brown Rattan Chairs, $50 Each.

I am always, always, always, in the market for high quality rattan furniture. I would so give these a high gloss black paint job, and reupholster in a neutral canvas fabric with a pop of color for the piping. Then, I would top them with fabulous matching pillows, and invite my friends over to sit in them while we watch TV and eat bowls of cereal together. The price was perfect, quality was perfect. My car was too small and I didn’t have $100 to spare on something kind of unnecessary right now.

Laundry Basket, $8.88.

I used to always be in the market for baskets, because you can literally use them for anything, and in every single room of the house. Now I have too many, or just enough. If you remember from my nursery mood board, I want to create a light fixture for the nursery out of a basket. Or buy one pre-made. I didn’t feel like paying for this particular one, because it was just so average. I need more options. I need more time. I need my dad to tell me that he can definitely even make a light fixture out of a basket. Can you, Dad?

“Rare” Basket, $26

Again, a basket. NOW, if this one would have been $8.88, I would have been sold! It had a wooden base, which meant that it would be easier to cut out a space to insert a light fixture. Or whatever. However that works, I really don’t know. I would also need to cut the handles of course. Also, it just looked better in it’s lighter color, and frequent open spacing. I did love this basket, but for $26 I can almost afford a used basket light on Ebay.

Toddler Car, Cost Unknown.

Because Ari would be so excited and cute driving this car around are yard. Until it consumed his every emotion and hindered his ability to listen to anything mommy says, because driving a car around a yard is always so much more fun than listening to me. I had to pass. It was hard.

Phalzgraff Canister Set, $30.

Good quality, cute, simple. Would look so great sitting atop rustic wooden floating shelves in an almost all white kitchen with white subway backsplash and the perfect shade of white-gray paint. I see these being most successful in a minimal space, opposed to a kitchen that’s cluttered or already full of old stuff.

Table and Chairs, $80.

I don’t have much to say, except that I really want new table and chairs for my kitchen. I want round. I want it to be white. I’m considering a DIY project, but mostly I just avoid the idea all together because it’s overwhelming. I want someone to just hand me a sturdy, solid, white round table. For free. Please.

Green & White Directors Chair, $5.

If the shade of green were lighter, I would have for sure purchased this chair. I would put it in a corner wall in my living room, a simple piece of art above, and be done with it.

Handmade Wood Bench With Bottom Storage, $68.

Solid wood, totally cute, and so much potential. I did briefly consider buying this to place under the window in the nursery. I would have updated it with light paint, added a soft cushion, and a single pillow to the side. I went back and forth about purchasing it, but ultimately, this window bench wasn’t in my nursery plans, and even though it’s a nice price, it was still $68 above my nursery budget. I’m really just trying to stick to the basics.

A pretty unsuccessful trip to the Peddler’s Mall,  but a super successful sister weekend.

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