Thrifting With Lauren / No.12

“Thrifting With Lauren” is a blog series dedicated to cheap or cool stuff that Lauren finds. Most photos are below average, taken on a whim with her i-phone, mostly in efforts to not look like a crazy person taking fancy photos at any given thrift store. Lauren documents the ugly, the weird, the good deals, fair prices, pieces with potential, and the over-the-top beautiful items well beyond her budget. Topics of interest are based solely on what current projects she is working on. Want more Thrifting posts? Find them all here.

Thrift Store Finds  /  no.12  / Fern Creek Peddlers Mall

It’s been quite a long time since I have taken Ari with me on any thrifting adventures. I guess I didn’t realize exactly how long it had been, until we started roaming the aisles. Before, he would sit in the cart, smile, and be content just being with me. Those days are so over. I now see that he needs to be touching every single thing that looks like a car. For many aisles (streets), he raced random cars that he found, and then finally (and thankfully) we found this grocery cart that he could pile things into. Because I was just being a mediocre mom this day, I didn’t really seem to mind all that much that he was all over the place. Like, it’s fine people. Move aside, and let my son race his cars so I can find some deals!


Bamboo Accent Table, $28.99.

I REALLY wanted this little table. It had great lines and was very sturdy. You can’t quite tell in this photo, but it was a tad smaller than a normal accent table. Normally, this would have been problematic, but  I could totally see this sitting next to the nursery rocker to sit bottles and books on. I most likely would have painted it a solid high gloss color, but in the end, I had to pass on it. I felt like I could find a better deal on a nursery side table somewhere else.

Vintage Wood Type Drawer, $17.95

My life is okay without this right now, but I’ve been seeing lots of images floating around the internet lately of pieces like this being used to store tiny cars in boys rooms. I love the concept, but don’t see it as a reality.

“Mid Century Table”, $64.95

Well, I’m no expert on mid-century items, but I can easily see that this isn’t an authentic mid-century piece. It’s clearly a bench that has some mid-century lines made like a week ago in some garage. I could be wrong. Whatever. I do love this little blue bench though, it adds a bright pop of color, and would brighten up any entry way. Especially with some pillows, hooks hanging above, and some storage bins below.

1950’s End Table, $28.89

I’m like two seconds away from going back and getting this piece. It does feel very vintage-y, but I think it would go perfect in my living room. Especially since it would add charm and character.  My white living room walls would surely embrace this piece. Also, my walls aren’t exactly complete, but whatever, let’s just pretend they are for the sake of this wonderful side table. Seriously, this is the exact type of side table that I need. My big round one is no longer cutting it. This is sturdy, has character, and isn’t too bulky. It’s perfect. I’m getting it, so back off.


Dresser, $49

A huge piece of crap, yet it still managed to grab my attention. I wish the quality were about 3 to 10 times better, and I wish the price were the same. I like the idea of details on the front of a dresser to help add character to the nursery. That whole “I’m a piece of crap” thing it has going on though, I just had to pass.


Wingback Chair, $299

I wanted this chair so badly. My friend Nicole, who went with me this day, almost bought it. Her husband doubtfully reads my blog, but if he happens to be reading this, take note. Nicole wants this for Christmas. It was so unbelievably beautiful, with the right amount of quirky and cool old lady vibes. It was carefully handcrafted and it even came with another matching chair. I can see these chairs sitting in a lovely and bright sun room, with white washed brick walls, a huge over-dyed navy area rug, an overabundance of hanging plants just living in the coolest of cool modern and minimal planters, and a cat sitting in the corner smiling soaking up the rays.


Natural Round Basket, $7.25

I want this for a plant that I don’t even own yet.


Tonka Wooden Truck, $2.10

Yep, all these things that I actually should be buying, and this is what I leave with. Perfect price, and totally fits my vision for the nursery. Not like my kid can only play with minimalistic wooden toys, but hey, nursery’s need some accessorizing too.


White Shelf, $39.99

Solid, sturdy, and simple. I had to pass because I didn’t exactly need it, but it was a great deal. Crying for a fresh coat of paint.


After great reflection, I’ve decided that Ari is no longer invited with me on serious thrifting adventures. He can come to the ones where I’m just browsing, but times where I actually need items and need to focus my attention on finding the best deals. He was so charming and cute, I’ll let it slide this time. In fact, his wild boy tactics worked seeing that we left with only a toy truck.


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