Tackle The Living Room Bathroom Wall: Before and After

In my “Tackle The Crap” series, I have set out on a mission to simplify my home, and make commonly used areas more functional and beautiful. To catch up, read here (where it started), and here (Tackle The Paperwork: My Kitchen Command Center), here (Toy Storage Solutions), and here (updated #1 on my window wall)

It’s been a busy week around here. Ari discovered candy, Mike got a new tattoo,  I painted my little heart out, and we deep cleaned a few rooms in the house. Not deep clean like most people “deep clean”. But you know, picked up a little, dusted, vacuumed some. It was great. Last week I wrote about my design dilemma I was having with the window wall in my living room. It was quite annoying and upsetting. You can read all about that little bump in my road right here.

To update you on that particular wall: I decided the door on the window wall AND the bathroom door on the opposite wall needed to be a dramatic yet soft color due to the fact that my bright white walls made the door and windows look yellow and dirty. Finding that exact door color proved to be yet another challenge. I blame the horrible lighting in my living room. I chose “Campfire Ash” by Behr. But no. When I got home with the paint, I could hardly see it’s presence on my door. So, off I ran back to Home Depot to darken the paint. The second trip back, I darkened the paint to “Tanglewood”. Guys, I’m in love. Problem solved. But then, my Ikea slipcover arrived. I figured I would just try to see if it fit my sofa. It didn’t, as I thought. All in all, I needed a major break from the window wall, and thus, decided to focus on the bathroom door wall.



bathroom door

As you can see, it’s a tiny wall. Aside from the beige wall color, I also strongly dislike that little shelf with toys. After installing my toy storage unit on the bar wall, this stupid flimsy white shelf seemed so pointless. Like what purpose did it serve other than creating yet another surface for toys. It needed to go. Like Bye.

After: 2015-11-01 14.26.30

The “after” of this tiny wall may seem like such a small dent in the entire living room, but not to me. To me, I celebrate even small victories right now. It’s so simple, and clean feeling. Quite minimal, really. That black and white stool was an experiment, I’m still not sure if I want it to stay there. The blanket basket will definitely be staying in that nook. It finally has a home. Prior to this little wall makeover, the blanket basket was constantly on the move around our living room.


Excuse the poor quality of the above photo, I took it with my iphone. The top swatch was the original color I chose for the doors (“Campfire Ash” by Behr”). The bottom swatch is what I went with in the end, “Tanglewood” by Behr. It just goes to show that lighting in a room can greatly affect how a paint color looks on the wall.

2015-11-01 14.28.04

I want to take a minute to talk about the door color. I love it so much, and here’s why. It is dramatic, yet soft. A high contrast to the bright white walls, but light enough to feel refreshing and clean. The color reads as a very warm complex gray. The color feels a bit old school, perhaps a color you would see on the exterior of an old duplex in the coolest part of town. It also feels modern, especially paired with bright white, yet traditional in it’s own way. Painting the trim around the doors was the best decision I could have made. My doors are clearly builder grade doors, nothing fancy, just average. Painting the trim helped bulk up the look of the doors. I chose the highest gloss paint finish. An oil based paint would have possibly provided a higher gloss, or even a hard lacquered paint, but I really didn’t want to deal with that. This high gloss is perfectly fine. I personally think high-gloss is the best option for interior doors, always. This color combo truly represents my aesthetic, in both interior design, and every day fashion. My only complaint here, is that I truly wish these doors had a gold irregular shaped knob, which I may pursue one day. I almost considered the one below, but even at $25 (which is very affordable), I couldn’t quite justify it right now. Brushed silver doesn’t really do anything for these colors, long term, a warmer metal knobs is needed, but for today, I am very happy with this.



2015-11-01 14.29.37

I ended up painting my fire place. Well, the left side. I told you, I move very slow. I’m not really ready to address the fireplace wall fully, but I needed to get some paint up just so I can start to see how it’s going to be looking. Long term, I want new tiles, and I’m not ready to buy those or install those yet. Maybe after the holidays. Maybe after the holidays next year.

2015-11-01 14.29.18

I thought these two pieces paired nicely together. The horseshoe wall hook is one of my favorite accessories in the house. I originally found it and it’s mate at the huge Louisville fairgrounds flea market. Which, OH MY GOSH. If you are bored and curious, I wrote a blog post several years ago about my visit to the flea market when I bought these antique horse hooks. I’m not the best blogger and photographer by any means, but could I have sucked any more back then? Like, I should have known to have larger images, take less shaky photos, and not take and post a bathroom selfie. Here to read. But anyway. The hooks were two for $5. I originally had them living in Ari’s nursery, but this weekend, I clearly stole one for my living room.

2015-11-01 14.28.39

The sailboat art piece also came as a pair. But, I’ve never had them paired together. Currently, it’s other half lives in my mud room. I like this one living right here. I found it years and years ago, at an estate sale in Old Louisville. Or maybe it was the Fern Creek Flea Market. Oh my gosh, I don’t even know now! Either way, I love them.

2015-11-01 14.28.04

2015-11-01 14.29.04

The black and white stool was from Target a few summers ago. The large basket was a find from World Market during one of their half off sales. Pink plaid blanket is a mystery, I believe it came from my parents house, but I don’t actually know.

It feels nice to have this little wall completed! I still have lots of work to do on the rest of the living room, but slowly and surely things are coming along.


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