Thrifting With Lauren / No.13

“Thrifting With Lauren” is a blog series dedicated to cheap or cool stuff that Lauren finds. Most photos are below average, taken on a whim with her i-phone, mostly in efforts to not look like a crazy person taking fancy photos at any given thrift store. Lauren documents the ugly, the weird, the good deals, fair prices, pieces with potential, and the over-the-top beautiful items well beyond her budget. Topics of interest are based solely on what current projects she is working on. Want more Thrifting posts? Find them all here.

Thrift Store Finds  /  no.13  / Nursery Dresser

This post is fully dedicated to the dressers I found as possible contendors for Maxwell’s nursery dresser.

My Dresser Criteria:

  1. Budget friendly price ($100 – ish)
  2. Good Lines, masculine lines.
  3. Mostly solid wood for added stability/easier to paint
  4. Short and long to double as a changing table

Here are some of my favorites:

Oak Dresser, $169.99


This is the dresser that got away. I came across it a few weeks ago, but didn’t really want to spend $169. I still think $169 would have been far beyond my ideal dresser budget, but upon further thinking, I know it would have been worth it. It was SO sturdy, and the drawers opened SO smoothly. The quality was great, and it provided optimum storage. I went back the other day, it was gone, as I knew it would be. It definitely needed new hardware, and a maybe paint job, but I do wish I would have bought this when I found it. I’m not 100% sure I would have painted it, I kind of enjoyed the warm wood tones.

Dresser with Glass doors, $249.99


A very solid and quality piece. The lines were okay, storage was perfect. I hated the color. It’s definitely ugly at first reaction. With a proper paint job and new hardware, I felt confident I could bring this piece new life. I thought I could get the price down to $200, but this particular evening I was in the Peddler’s Mall quite late, and didn’t want to bother anyone with price changes. I decided to keep looking, plus $200 is like $100 over budget. Although, still a great price for any dresser.

Eight Drawer Chest, $99.74


The price caught my eye, but I had to pass. It didn’t feel wide enough for a changing table. I just felt like I would be settling with this one.

Four Drawer Veneer Dresser, $129


The lines on this dresser were perfect, and had I been interested in a dark dresser for the nursery this would have been perfect. I looked at it for quite a long time, eventually passed. I was interested in this one for quite a while, but for whatever reason, I forgot about it and found others.

Bassett Oak Five Drawer Chest, $95


The price was perfect, and the quality was great too. It was taller than a changing table, so despite the price, I didn’t feel it was right since I would need to purchase a changing table as well.

Low Cabinet, $250


I almost offered $100 for this, just to see if they would take it. It was a very low cabinet, but great quality. I almost convinced myself this one was the one, but then quickly moved on. Maybe if it were like $30, then I would have bought it. But even then, I probably would have hated how low it was and eventually I would break my back while changing the baby one day.

Bamboo Inspired Dresser, $124.89


This look is so me. I sat in this booth for at least ten minutes debating whether or not to make an offer. I began thinking about added cost. I loved the lines on this dresser, disliked the color, and disliked the hardware. It was a sturdy dresser, but was made with a lot of partical board and veneer. The texture was perfect, even though it wasn’t really solid wood. It would need a paint job ($20), plus new hardware ($50+). I felt like despite the good things, I needed to find a dresser that cost far less. My favorite part about this dresser was the texture it brought to the space.

Wicker Dresser, $165


Very similar comments and feelings about this, as the last one. I would have painted it, but kept the hardware on this one. Had to pass.

Wood Dresser, $299


I liked this dresser enough, but no thanks.

1950’s Dresser, $59 (The chosen one)


I eventually came across this dresser. The price caught my eye, but unlike most used dressers in that price range, this one seemed solid and full of potential. The lines are simple, perfect for my nursery vision. Simple masculine lines will help balance out some of the window fabrics I chose as they lean towards feminine and organic.


I really love the thick top, it reminded me of butcher block. The hardware isn’t actual brass (bummer), but the hardware shape is such a win! You know how snobby I am about hardware, but thank goodness I love these handles, because I’m saving myself $50+ dollars for new dresser hardware. Not that new hardware cost $50, but I would have splurged on unique drawer pulls just for detail purposes.

I like how the hardware has an interesting 50’s shape, and reminds me of little boy bowties. This dresser just needs a ton of sanding and fresh paint, then it will be good to go!


I have already started the sanding process. It’s actually taking much longer than I expected. My goal is to have this entire dresser completed and sitting in the nursery within two weeks. That sounds like a long time, but I don’t have a lot of time to work on it between now and then, so I have to do small amounts of work each day.


The wood underneath is beautiful! In fact, I am planning on leaving the top “butcher block” as is, and painting the rest. A high gloss white would look great, and I’m considering it. BUT, I may still use the original green color I chose that pairs perfectly with the greens in the window fabric. I’m not 100% sure what I will do with the hardware, but definitely will be painting it since it’s not actual brass.

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