The Dahl House

Changes around here are a-happening.


Quite often I’ve announced changes in my blog and business ventures. I like to remain transparent about my aspirations and failures. This blog started as a hobby years ago, but has since given me countless opportunities, big and small.

My attempt at owning a design business was exhausting. According to myself, my skill level was high while my ability to work with clients, convince clients, and do -business-y things was only mediocre. Returning to my real roots of arts education last year has brought me re-found happiness, deeper purpose, and needed consistency. There are downsides too, of course, which I won’t dwell on.

Deciding to no longer take on design clients was a relief (notice my “services” page has been deleted). But still, I don’t feel whole in my professional world. For a long time, I’ve wanted to turn my website into a blog that allowed me to regularly share experiences and stories of motherhood, design, and being a normal human being in this world. Note the word “normal”, not perfect. Prior to this change, I typically posted once a month strictly about design. Those posts can still be accessed here. Although I find passion in interior design, my life encompasses so much more than that.  I let fear stop me in the past from proceeding to this type of blog, fear I would run out of ideas, or stories to share with you. But, here I am three months post partum, deciding it’s finally time.

A weekly blog for design lovin’ mamas, homemakers, and small business lovers.

The Dahl House, by Lauren Dahl.



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