The Struggles of Toddler Art-Making

When working with children, especially the 2-3 year old toddler age range, we as parents and caregivers can often find frustration in an activity that should be deemed enjoyable. After-all, our memories of making art were fabulous and fun. But now, we are the adults in the situation, and we have different needs. Like, um, we own the house that this so called “fun art activity” is supposed to take place in. Maybe the idea of doing any sort of art activity with your toddler totally sucks because the struggle isn’t worth the trouble.


I went to social media to ask what you struggled with when it comes to toddler art-making. Here are some of the responses:


“Boredom and fine motor skills” – Erin J.

“I find I get frustrated when it turns more into a mess, and I’m correcting where Adrian is putting what. I feel it turns more into me trying to keep it clean, then letting him gill his imagination.” – Emily P.

“The biggest frusturation for me would be spending  the time getting supplies/set up and having them complain they are bored 4 minutes in. Keeping them engaged long enough to make it worth the time. I set up a big painting thing for Bella last week, and it lasted all of seven minutes before she was ready to move on.” – Mary-Dawn C.

“For me, it’s always the mess. I feel bad saying this, but I always get excited about a craft, and quickly regret it when the mess starts to happen. I feel like I end up ruining their time by being paranoid about the mess. Easter egg dying is a nightmare for me lol.” – Rachel T.

“Paint never stays or goes where it’s supposed to. It winds up on my walls, furniture, etc. It also doesn’t keep his attention for very long at all. Finding something that’s age appropriate is difficult I feel as well.” – Jackie

“Struggle: Toddler attention span, and the clean freak in me not wanting hours of clean up!” – Courtney Grace


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my tips on art-making with your toddler + some advice from a few people that shared their thoughts on social media. In the meantime, if you have any struggles or tips,  I would love to hear them!


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