The Green Bean Dish I Can’t Stop Making

My sister was the one who originally got me hooked on green beans NOT from a can. At restaurants, they were great, but I never bought them raw for myself. I’m not knocking canned green beans entirely, but the crisp and fresh taste of cooked at home green beans has me hooked.


In medium-high skillet:  Raw Green Beans (boiled 2-3 minutes) |  cherry tomatoes  |  Dried Cranberries  |  Butter or Olive Oil |  Garlic Paste  |  Soy Sauce  |  Blue Cheese Crumbles  |  Cold Red Onion To Top

I’ve made this green bean dish countless times now,  it’s becoming my go-to summer meal. It’s substantial enough to be a vegetarian main dish (especially when topped with chopped walnuts or fried egg), or special enough to serve as spin on an otherwise predictable side.

I’m loving my new found love for green beans. Here are some other green bean recipes worth exploring:

A healthier alternative to fries sounds good hot or cold.  Update  a weekend breakfast with leftovers.  I’m not sure I would like this sauce with green beans, but I would be open to trying it.


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