My White Desk Love Story


We find love in unexpected places, and sometimes we find really great desks that we love, unexpectedly. One of my very favorite pieces of furniture in my house is my big white desk. Not only is it well designed and functional, but guys, I got it off craigslist at about an eighth of the original cost. Sometimes the furniture we own is “meh” and for me, many pieces in my house are just “meh”, which is fine for now. But not my desk. The bright white color makes me feel clean and clutter free each day, allowing my work to be the focus. The drawers glide seamlessly with no sound or shuffle. The top surface is well beyond the average size of a desk, leaving large open space for me to work freely jumping from task to task without having to put things up and back out, over and over. Why I don’t complete one task before going on to another, well I guess that’s a story for a different day.

I remember being on the hunt for a desk years ago. It was like, the adult thing to do at the time. No more art making on the living room floor, or scattering office supplies here and there. A desk was a major must have if I wanted at sort of organization or workstation. I will forever be thankful that I finally decided to get a desk, especially this desk.

The local antique stores left me empty handed, yard sales were a miss, and even the local craigslist was full of a bunch of nothing. I was left shocked at my loss of luck in desk hunting. Unexpectedly, I decided to search places on craigslist within a two hour radius of Louisville for some sort of desk since I desperately needed one. Finally, in Paoli Indiana, I found THE desk. Listed for just over $100, a huge white artist desk. I had to have it.

My sense of urgency kind of sucks, so Mike drove me there the next day. The only downfall to this desk was the height, it was actually counter height which I overlooked on the dimensions listed on craigslist. Mike was able to cut off about 8 inches on the legs so the desk could be average desk height. I then placed it perfectly in my home office. Remember my home office? (You can read all about it  here )  But we all know how that ended, the home office turned into a nursery and the desk moved into our junk room.

A couple of months ago, Mike and I were hit with a wave of productivity in regards to this junk room. We rented a dumpster and cleaned it out, selling and tossing almost everything. I constantly debated about my desk.  The junk room (now the clean empty room) actually has no overhead lighting, so the desk would sit dormant if it stayed there. I can’t paint or write on a desk in a dark room. How sad. Also, since returning to work I use my home desk much less.  Do I sell it, or do I keep it. Thankfully, I decided to keep it.

While a desk in the dining room may be a bit unconventional, it seems to work well for me. My big white desk now lives right next to a bright window with tons of natural light, and overhead lighting when needed. I’ve been working a lot at my desk lately, putting lots of long hours and love into my current projects. The story of the desk is special to me, and please if I ever try selling it, talk me out of it. It’s a forever piece for me.




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