“A Week’s Worth” – Introducing A Meal Planning Blog Series

“A Weeks Worth” is a new blog series featuring a variety of families/meal styles and their weekly Monday-Friday dinner meals. Meal planning can be stressful due to budget restrictions, repeating same meals, or feeding family members with varying tastes or food interests. Meal planning can also be fun and creative. Capturing a weeks worth of dinners from different families is meant to be a family experiment that is insightful,  inspiring, and enriching.  Never judgemental, only real. Are you interested in documenting one week of your family dinners to be featured on The Dahl House? Click  her for more information.


Household Members:  Mike, Lauren, Ari (age 3), Max (age 4 months). Lauren – Vegetarian/occasional fish. Mike- Will eat pretty much anything. Ari- High Egg allergy, mild almond and rice allergy, not a picky eater. Max- recently started liquefied baby food, but not a daily priority yet.

For reference on plate placements:




Max: Store bought Gerber Sweet Potatoes

Mike: Pasta: Egg free whole grain rotini , 2 cups spinach , Shitaki Mushroom Blend (two containers both 1/2 off sale),  garlic + Butter    |   Veggie: Freezer Steam-able broccoli   |   Bread: Kroger brand garlic toast    

Lauren: Same as Mike (minus the garlic bread)    |     Dessert: Nutella, Strawberries, raw oatmeal    

Ari: Same as Mike   |    Dessert: Strawberries + Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup  

NOTES: Made leftovers for lunch for everyone + enough pasta to freeze to use next week. Mike had softball so we made him a plate to eat later.  Ate at kitchen table.



Max:    Homemade Baby Food Peas: Peas, Rice Cereal, Breastmilk

Mike:   Mini Pies (my spin on shephard’s pie): Kroger brand pie crust  |  Skillet Bison + Onion |  Homemade Mashed Potatoes from Russet Potatoes  |  Frozen Kroger brand peas  |  Shredded cheddar cheese  |   Veggies: Frozen Steam-able broccoli + skillet asparagus and soy sauce    |   Pasta: Leftover from Monday

LaurenMini Shephard’s Pie: Same as Mike, Minus the Bison in the pie   |   Spinach: Sautéed baby spinach, garlic sauce  |   Dessert: Raw oats, strawberries, Nutella

Ari: Same as Mike, no leftover pasta, raw strawberries

NOTES: Made enough for lunch leftovers, but barely. We all ate at the kitchen table.



Max:  uh, nothing.

Mike:   Leftovers from Tuesday (didn’t end up eating it for lunch, so had the leftovers for dinner) + a can of tuna.

LaurenAvocado Toast:  Avocado, Franks buffalo hot sauce, gruyere cheese, baby tomatoes, onion   |   Dessert: Raw oats, nutella

AriLeftover Pie , peanut butter bagel Cheetos, avocado cubes, tomato, gruyere

NOTES: Today was chaotic, We ended up eating on the couch, and the dog probably ate most of Ari’s dinner.  I don’t know for sure though because honestly I wasn’t paying attention.


imageNOTES: My sister came to visit because Mike had a business dinner. To save money, we did go pick up the pizza instead of having it delivered, which was more of a hassle than it was worth. Dinner on the couch again. Since Ari has an egg allergy, he can’t have cookies or ice-cream, so we got him a Reese’s which he ate before I could take a pic. Max: Nothing, again.


Max: Okay, I suck. No food again. I mean, I FEED MY BABY, just not actual food every single day yet.

Ari: Leftover pizza, Broccoli, chocolate candy

Lauren: Out to eat at the Grape Leaf in Louisville, this is actually a photo of my sister’s food, but mine was pretty much the same awesome yummy Mediterranean slop except wrapped up in a burrito.

Mike: Didn’t go out to eat with us, but we brought him home basically the same thing.



2 Comments on ““A Week’s Worth” – Introducing A Meal Planning Blog Series

  1. Love this idea for a series, Lauren. Makes me feel less insecure when I make my husband eat a can of chicken or a freezer corndog with dinner so he’ll have enough 🙂

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing! Trying soooo hard to keep it healthy and after cooking for children for almost 18 years so ready for some variety.

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