A Week’s Worth: Brian & Kristen

“A Weeks Worth” is a new blog series featuring a variety of families/meal styles and their weekly Monday-Friday dinner meals. Meal planning can be stressful due to budget restrictions, repeating same meals, or feeding family members with varying tastes or food interests. Meal planning can also be fun and creative. Capturing a weeks worth of dinners from different families is meant to be a family experiment that is insightful,  inspiring, and enriching.  Never judgemental, only real. Are you interested in documenting one week of your family dinners to be featured on The Dahl House? Click  her for more information.

Meet Brian & Kristen:



Household Members: Brian, Kristen, and Ella (5 months old). Goals: “Healthy with occasional unhealthy meal.  We typically eat a meat, vegetable, and either a complex carb or no carb with dinner. A cheat meal one night a week, Fridays usually”



Ella: Homemade Baby Food: Banana + Pear Puree, breastmilk, rice cereal

Kristen:  Pork Chop: Olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder, seared then oven cooked   |   Broccoli: Frozen   |   Sweet Potato:  butter and brown sugar

Brian: Same as Kristen (Minus sweet potatoe) +  Tomatoes : Backyard garden tomatoes,  cottage cheese,  green onion

NOTES: Ate on couch



Ella: Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes, breast milk, rice cereal

Kristen:  Turkey Meatloaf: Ground Turkey, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper   |   Corn: Canned corn    |   Mashed Potatoes: Instant   |   Dessert: Outshine Popsicle

Brian: Same as Kristen (Minus Mashed Potatoes)  +  Tomatoes : Backyard garden tomatoes,  cottage cheese,  green onion

NOTES: Ate on couch



Ella: Homemade Baby Food: Avocado, breast milk, rice cereal

Kristen:   Impellizzeri’s: Manicotti and Breadsticks (didn’t end up eating them)

Brian:    Impellizzeri’s: Meatball Sub and chips

NOTES: Coldplay concert and out to eat




Ella: Homemade Baby Food: Banana and Pear Puree, breast milk, rice cereal

Kristen:  Fiesta Chicken Pasta: Chicken cubed, rotini pasta, red bell pepper, Italian dressing, medium salsa, chili powder, cheddar cheese

Brian: Same as Kristen

NOTES: Brian had to work late, so ate a plate when he got home



Ella: No baby food today, just breastmilk

Kristen:  Steak: Sirloin, outdoor grilled, kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder   |   Potatoes: Red potatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper   |  Green Beans: Raw then cooked  |  Dessert: A little Ben& Jerry’s Half Baked

Brian: Same as Kristen, Minus icecream

NOTES: Ate on couch


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