A Week’s Worth: Steve & Amanda

“A Weeks Worth” is a new blog series featuring a variety of families/meal styles and their weekly Monday-Friday dinner meals. Meal planning can be stressful due to budget restrictions, repeating same meals, or feeding family members with varying tastes or food interests. Meal planning can also be fun and creative. Capturing a weeks worth of dinners from different families is meant to be a family experiment that is insightful,  inspiring, and enriching.  Never judgemental, only real. Are you interested in documenting one week of your family dinners to be featured on The Dahl House? Click  her for more information.

Meet Steve & Amanda:


Household Members: Steve (age 30, investigator works full time): carnivore extraordinaire, smoker, BBQ-er, seeks meal and flavor variety and vegetable/protein balance in all home cooked meals. Amanda (age 29, physical therapist three days a week, stay at home mom two days a week): Wannabe vegan, prefers healthy vegetable based meals, huge interest in indian and Mediterranean flavors. Liam (age 2): never met a mac-n-cheese he didn’t like. He’s at the picky eating stage; generally we will make a batch of mac-n-cheese a couple times a week and offer finger food style fruits and veggies.



Seasoned red beans and basmati rice, Andouille sausage for Amanda and steve, less sausage for Amanda. Fruit plate for sharing. Liam: Plain rice, frozen corn, blueberries, beans, sliced apple.

Notes: Amanda tries to provide a “nibbler” plate of fruits or veggies since they aren’t big salad people. Ate at coffee table, TV off, music on, looking at maps of the US.



Homemade chicken and veggie ramen for Steve and Amanda. Liam: Peanut butter and crackers, blueberries, bell peppers, and hummus. Table sharing: Grapefruit.

Notes: Prepared by Steve, ate at the kitchen table.



Steve and Amanda: Vegan chickpea tikka masala (homemade) on steamed broccoli and cauliflower, basmati rice. Liam: Mac n cheese, fruits and veggies

NOTES: Prepared by Amanda, used leftover rice from previous meal, ate on the couch.



Amanda : Leftover Havana Rumba (Cuban restaurant) from a catered event at Steve’s work. Steve: Working late, eating out. Liam: Leftover mac-n-cheese, Cuban black beans and rice, apple slices with peanut butter crackers.



Amanda: Leftover Ramen, Steve: Guys night out, eating out = Bar food and beer (not pictured). Liam: Mac-n-cheese, apple slices



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