Thrifting With Lauren / No.14

“Thrifting With Lauren” is a blog series dedicated to cheap or cool stuff that Lauren finds. Most photos are below average, taken on a whim with her i-phone, mostly in efforts to not look like a crazy person taking fancy photos at any given thrift store. Lauren documents the ugly, the weird, the good deals, fair prices, pieces with potential, and the over-the-top beautiful items well beyond her budget. Topics of interest are based solely on what current projects she is working on. Want more Thrifting posts? Find them all here.

Thrift Store Finds #14 @ Crazy Daisy Antique Mall 

So the other day, I was off work (which is a very rare thing) and I was like “WHATTT!! I’m going to  sleep in, send my babies to school with zero guilt,  go out on the town, maybe clean the house, and do whatever I want!”

So I did. Kind of.

I didn’t sleep in. Even though I’m sleep deprived, and still waking up every two hours, I couldn’t sleep in because I was honestly way too excited about my day off. Mike was so annoyed that I was up and running before he even took the kids to school (side note: school = daycare. We call it school. What ever.), he literally cannot fathom the idea that a person would choose to NOT sleep in on a day that they could. It’s like I committed some un-speakable crime. But he knows me, and knows I live this way, so I don’t know what all the fuss was about this particular day.

Well, anywhoo. I maximized my entire day! I met a friend for breakfast, went to her new house to give some design advice in exchange for stealing her cake stands for a photo-shoot. As we were walking back from breakfast, we came across an antique store. It sucked, it was way too fancy,  over priced, also weirdly quiet, so we left. BUT, we did get inspired to go to the Crazy Daisy Antique Mall (One of my all time local faves).


Vintage Church Pew, $280

Well, I ain’t paying that, but I did really love this piece. The color and shape inspired me, and we can all use a few more green benches in our house. Whether it be the entry, a small bench in the boys bathroom, or even an outside piece for added seating.



Two drawer Butcher Block Work Table, $400

I love details, and I instantly disliked the hardware on this work table. But, that’s a quick fix. I saw this piece as a thin kitchen island, for those kitchens that need that extra space, but don’t have a ton of..extra space. Pair this with two bar stools, and you’ve got yourself a brand new kitchen. Well not really, but a brand new island and breakfast nook.



Framed Sailing Painting, $15

I was drawn to this probably because later in the day I had planned on photographing Ari’s big boy room again (for something exciting coming up!). But the blues really stuck out to me as it’s a similar color palette to his room.


Index Cabinet, $175

I’ve been looking for a piece like this, perhaps with thinner drawers, and more drawers as well, but this one was pretty great. I constantly tag Mike in photos on Instagram of different apotheocary cabinets, old school print drawers, and index cabinets. Not sure why he isn’t getting the hint? Like go get a second job, secretly buy me one please, take me to dinner and have the waitress bring it out with my molten brownie ice cream dessert. Seriously.


Blue glass lamps, $80 for both. 

These were very large. I thought $80 for the pair was a good price, and can definitely see these lovelies sitting on an entry table or even on a long buffet style table in a living room. A large round mirror in between them, with maybe some similar colors thrown elsewhere in the living room. And then baskets of kid toys underneath, because deep down your a mom and your living room can only be fancy in the areas your tiny kids can’t reach.


Vintage Easy Bake Oven (It works!), $22.99

How amazing and cute is this. While I didn’t buy this, I am very inspired to hook Ari up with a new easy bake oven this Christmas most likely. My childhood revolved around my easy bake oven, painting sea shells with nail polish, and having having bloody screaming fits at the homework table because I hated math homework.


Wicker and Wood End Table, $30

This table was SO STURDY. I’ve been in the market for a new side table for my living room. We used to have none, then we got cheap target ones that were like $6, then I bought one nice one at the Peddler’s Mall and love it, but now we need one more for the second couch. I didn’t buy this, but I should have. It even has space underneath to store a toy basket or stack of blankets.


Framed Woodstock Poster, $35

I was obsessed with this poster. Couldn’t justify buying it, but can see this in someones living room or even a kids room. The color palette is playful, it’s got that hippie vibe, needs a new frame to give it some substance, but someone please go buy this. I can even see this in a white minimal living room, and here is this grand pop of awesome. You will be so much cooler to your friends if you own it.



Vintage Domino’s, $10. 

Perfect condition, I regret not buying these. Not to play actual Domino’s with, but to put all over the room in no true order and watch Ari knock them down in utter amazement.


Lattice Covered Jar, $58

Beautiful. Go get it.


Set of Six Framed RayHarm Floral Prints, $175

They feel vintage-y forsure, but grouped together as the only vintage item in a space, I think these would be lovely. Above a bed or dresser, or even in a living room above a side chair.


Playskool 1976 Wood Puzzle of Batman, Robin, & Joker. $12

I regret not buying this for Ari. We need more puzzles around here. Is $12 really all it’s worth? I’m too lazy to do the research.


Framed Peacock Stitchery, $47.50



Old cook books, forgot the price, but it’s always nice to have old cookbooks. I think I took this photo because it reminded me of my sister in law, she makes pumpkin rolls and would love old cook books. Perhaps in hindsight, this photo would have been best as a snap chat directly to her, and not on my blog with no information on price.


Bamboo Rolling Beverage Cart, $36

Super practical. Like, if you had outdoor dinner parties and no one offered to help carry stuff. Which doesn’t happen at my house, but on the food network I tend to notice that all the hosts deliver food to their guests while the guests socialize and fake laugh at the tables. So yeah, they should buy this.


First Aid Kit Vintage, $ unknown

Another regret, this was so cute I should have bought it. Also very practical, I could stock it with cute bandaids and toss it in my purse before we go to the zoo, like the responsible and over planned mother that I am.

imageOak Printers Chest, $600

I’m crying on the inside because I don’t own this beauty. Mike, are you reading this? Please care. I could store so much art supplies in this.Then on top, I could arrange a beautiful vignette with a few book, a large plant, and a candle or something. Maybe a piece of artwork above hanging on the wall. OH MY GOSH, maybe even that Woodstock print.  Like, I need it.


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