Sign Up For My Latest Workshop

I’ve been in a whirlwind of ideas lately, in a good way. Sometimes I’m in a creative lull, where my day to day life is all I need, and then other times, I hyper focus on accomplishing goals outside of my day job and family life. September brought me no shortage of creative goals, in fact, my list of clear concise goals were quite lengthy. One of my goals I set for the month of September was to apply for an instructor position at Level-Up Louisville. Early September, I designed an adult workshop focusing on still life painting, and pitched it Level-Up Louisville.

Level-Up Louisville provides pop up classes taught by local experts in the coolest places Louisville has to offer. I’m so excited they accepted my idea, I love teaching art to children and adults, but rarely get the chance to offer an adult art class or workshop. So yeah, I’m over the top excited.

Below are the details. Spots are VERY limited, we want to keep the workshop small. SO if you are interested in signing up, go do that right away using THIS link. OR, click on the image below.


P.S. Are you following us on Instagram? Find me @dahl__House , and to see all the cool things Level-Up Lou is up to, you can find them @levelup_lou (they have some other great classes if this painting workshop isn’t your cup of tea)

Feel free to share this link directly on your social media page or email list.








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