Oil Pastel Apple Drawings

Apples are at their prime in the fall, as are pumpkins, squash, and even grapes. At home with our kids is a great way to introduce fall produce, especially because we can pair this art project with so many of our favorite fall activities.

Materials: Oil Pastels, Pencil, Heavy Drawing Paper


In my classroom, I used this project for 5-6 year olds to teach the students about the differences between warm, cool, and neutral colors. Notice the apples use only warm colors (Red, Yellow, Orange + Mixed Versions), the table cloth uses cool colors (Blue, Green, Purple + Mixed Versions), and then the background uses neutrals (Black, White, Brown).


Age Adapted POSSIBLE Learning Targets:

Note: My learning targets are always written from the child’s perspective (even if the child cannot communicate them)

Under age 4:

  • I CAN.. attempt drawing what my parent has drawn. (parent draws one apple, child draws the second apple)
  • I CAN.. make a verbal list of oil pastel characteristics (waxy, messy, soft, pretty, sticks, etc.)
  • I CAN.. count apples
  • I CAN.. draw patterns on the table cloth in my drawing by repeating the same sequence of shapes or marks.
  • I CAN.. identify the correct name of all colors when my parent hands me an oil pastel.
  • I CAN.. point to the table cloth and apples on my paper after my parent has drawn them for me.

Ages 5-7

  • I CAN.. identify warm, cool, and neutral colors
  • I CAN.. apply coloring techniques to my oil pastel drawing (Layering pastels to make brand new colors, coloring in one direction neat and tidy, filling in all white space)
  • I CAN.. draw two apples from memory

Ages 8+

  • I CAN.. draw two apples by using an actual apple sitting on a table as a reference
  • I CAN.. attempt drawing a dark shadow under my apples to show that it’s sitting on a table
  • I CAN.. identify foreground, mid-ground, and background
  • I CAN.. apply warm, cool, and neutral colors to various parts of the drawing


Possible home activities to layer with this project:

  • Identifying fall produce
  • Differentiating between fruits and vegetables
  • Apple picking/ Trip to an orchard
  • Family effort at homemade apple pie (or store bought, whatever!)
  • Reading Johnny Appleseed
  • Apple tossing
  • Observing the parts of an apple when it’s cut in half
  • Planting an apple seed in the backyard

oil pastel art ideas for kids



To see more art lessons you can adapt for home life, click HERE. Or HERE for learning more about my thoughts on incorporating arts education into your home. As always, please feel free to share this art lesson on any of your social media outlets, sharing helps me grow and also helps give other families ideas!


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