Recent Thrifted Purchases // no.1

The majority of the items I own have been thrifted, because well, I’m not made of a million bucks people. Plus, I love thrifting, so it all kind of works out. One of my most popular series, “Thrifting With Lauren” shares with you all the great (or not so great) things I find while out meandering the thrift stores, but in this new series, I’ll be sharing with you a few recent finds that I ACTUALLY bought. In fact, I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner. So, here it is, the first post of the series, “Recent Thrifted Purchases // no.1”.

  1. Children’s Books, $1 Each, Local Yard-sale


You can never have too many children’s books during your child’s childhood. Especially for the sake of your sanity, because really, how many times do you actually want to read Brown Bear. More books = more options. Now, when your children are older, maybe donate all the books except the favorite ten to keep for keepsakes, but in the midst of it all, I’m personally a fan of “the more the merrier” attitude towards books. Plus let’s be foreal, my heart eyes love a shelf lined with books all in a row.


I especially love the book, “Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day” by Jamie Lee Curtis.  I would even recommend purchasing it brand new. It talks about feelings, and we all know how important it is to understand our feelings. Ari is obsessed. A few Saturday’s ago I went “running” but I packed some dollars in my running fanny pack in case I came across some yard-sales, so happy I came across all our new (old) books.

2. Four Dining Chairs, $10 Each, Local Facebook Yard-sale site.


I’ll be doing a full post on these chairs soon, so I want to keep details to a minimum, but I bought these and painted them up pretty. Well actually, my mom did. Anyways, now we have seating in the dining room.

3. A magic trinket box, $5, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall


I’m a sucker for trinket boxes, and always have been. I love special little boxes that you can put tiny little secret or special things in. Notes, dead flowers, stickers, gum, change, army men, pads and tampons, whatever. No really, when I was in middle school I kept a trinket box of fem hygiene stuff in a locked box in my purse. Why, why, why.  I bought this for Ari, and told him it was a magic trinket box. He loves it on days he remembers it’s there. I love it every single day I see it.

4. Toys for my kids, $10, Once Upon A Child


Toys are expensive, plastic, and time sensitive many times. I tend to prefer buying only used toys to save money, they are just as fun as new toys. Plus, plastic is like the easiest thing ever to clean, so I can usually make it feel new again pretty quickly. I took Ari to go pick out a new toy, and while we were there we got Max one too.

5. J Crew Winter Coat $59 + Shipping, Ebay

I was desperate for a winter coat, as I had been using mine for like seven years! Which is fine, except it had been through two pregnancies, many winters, and I never loved it. Ever. Early mornings on cold winter windy days are much better with a warm coat, the only downfall to this coat, is that when it arrived it kind of smelled like the thrift store.


Sometimes ebay sellers sell their own clothes and items, and other times the sellers make a living on Ebay, which means they spend a portion of their time hunting thrift stores for high trending items and brands to sell. JCrew being one of them. So chances are, my seller was storing this coat amongst other thrifted items in her home office, OR, it was originally found at a thrift store. My cousin’s husband works at a cleaners, and I ran into him at Starbucks today, so basically I’m an expert on coat cleaning terminology now. Or like, at least the word “Deoderize”.

6. Drawer Handles, $1 each x 4, Habit For Humanity ReStore


I bought these to use in Ari’s big boy room, but they didn’t fit the night stand holes and I was too lazy to drill new ones. I’m not typically a yellow and blue person, but these definitely spoke to me. The shape feels minimal and simplistic, while the watercolor-esque paint lines feel hand crafted. In fact, they have to be individually painted because I studied them, and all are slightly different. The problem is, I have no where to put these yet. I’m saving them for a perfect four drawer furniture situation.

7. Wooden Necklace, $2.50, Middletown Peddler’s Mall


Because I’m an art teacher, and need to start dressing like one. I really love this necklace, haven’t worn in yet, but the shape is playful and exaggerated while the raw wood color tones it down, very interesting and lovely to me.


Any recent thrifting scores for you? Favorite children’s books to keep lifelong?



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