My Dining Room Before & After

Our dining room has been a work in progress since the beginning, and truthfully, not a lot of actual work has been done to the space. It’s been a “dump all” , and a “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” kind of space. Typically when I design a room in our house, I like to do it all at once, not in bits and pieces. No reason for this method other than I find it much more satisfying. This is not the case for our dining room (or our living room). Below is the “before” photo, which is actually the photo on the original listing for our home. When we moved in, it was an empty room with those chandelier and curtains.



Our dining room unlike most dining rooms needed to be both a dining area for when we had company over, and also provide me with a desk area. My desk used to be in my home office, but my small office space has since turned into a nursery for Max. See my old home office here, and Maxwell’s nursery project here. So anyways, my desk needed to be moved into the dining room, which I LOVE. Ton’s of natural light, and close proximity to the family areas if I need to do some quick work.



Yep, see my little desk nook over in the corner? The white desk doesn’t take up a lot of visual weight, so the room still feels light and airy. Well, at least in these photos. In reality, our dining room currently has crap everywhere because I’m re-organizing the kitchen cabinets and finishing up holiday orders. But, that’s temporary, and after the month of December all should be back to normal.

Do you notice lot’s of similarities from the before photos? Yeah, sometimes saving money means keeping what was originally there, even if it wouldn’t have been your first choice. Buttery yellow walls, pale blue curtains, and silver chandelier all stayed. I would never have chosen those items on my own, but they weren’t super duper offensive so I kept em’.

The chairs you see? A total STEAL. I found the white chairs (originally brown wood colored) on a local yardsale site for $10 each.


Of course I was drawn to the price, but the shape of these chairs really spoke to me as well. In many ways they reminded me of the chairs I sat in growing up, with a slight nod to the Jenny Lind  style furniture, and a sturdy cheap solution for the dining room. Chairs can be so expensive, as I’m sure you know. Like hundreds of dollars. In fact, dining rooms in general are expensive after you factor in a rug, dining table, additional furniture perhaps, and art, windows, on and on. Like I can’t deal with all that.

So. Used vintage-y chairs for the win here.


My mom actually painted these chairs for me with white chalkboard paint. A couple months prior to the painting of the chairs, she called and asked if there was anything I could think of that she could help me out with. I think she meant more along the lines of watching the kids, or deep cleaning the kitchen. Well, I chose this. She regrets it. Look at all those nooks and crannies that had to be painted, and painted again. Thanks MOM.


I took the white chair out of the shot above, so that you could better see the desk space. While a desk in the dining room is a bit unconventional, who cares, I really do love it. The big chunky dining table is from World Market, we bought it years ago when we first moved in along with the two taller chairs.  I don’t love them, and I actually kind of dislike them, but they work so no need to fix it now. The white desk was a Craigslist find, you can read about that here. The desk chair is from Target, and the other three exact chairs are used in our kitchen. We didn’t need that fourth one because the high chair took it’s place. Rug is a vintage Ebay find, Large artwork is an oil painting I did in college.

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