Freshening Up A Small Spot In Our Living Room

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Over a year ago, I started a series called “Tackle The Crap”, and I was on mission to freshen up and organize some misused spots in my home. I accomplished A LOT last year in terms of turning my house into a functional and organized place for kids.

My living room has been one of the slowest makeovers EVER. Due to time, cost, and inconvenience, I’ve had to breakdown the living room into several small projects. Which is fine, not great, but fine. I’ll probably never get around to replacing my dog pee stained carpets, because I’m dirty like that I guess.

To Re-cap on all things living room related:

  • This  toy storage solution was life changing
  • The walls got a paint job. Bright,light and airy. (Or at least I tried)
  • TV is great, but all those cords and boxes needed a home .
  • The  fireplace got a quick and cheap update
  • The bathroom door even got some  love.

Before: This is the only photo I could find. The right side got a makeover, and I still haven’t tackled the left side of this couch, but hopefully soon. Just kidding, probably never.

window wall

Problems with the before: Builder grade dull wall color, awkwardly shaped round side table with no storage, didn’t reflect our style, a lot of tan on tan going on.



Sofa: I’ve wanted new couches for so long, but Mike and I aren’t ready to commit to that. In our next house we will, maybe even a sleek, cozy sectional. For now, these grey yogurt stained sofas from Macy’s will have to due.


Side Table: I’m obsessed with the new side table for many reasons. The 1950’s table came at a great price from a local Peddler’s Mall for about $28. Both photos below are from the peddlers mall booth in which I found it.

6a6bThe quality is immaculate (or maybe I’m being just a bit dramatic, but personally I find it to be), it’s extremely sturdy and durable, the drawer opens smoothly and safely. The details are divine, the weaved wood on the front drawer adds texture, while the straight lines nod to a minimalist aesthetic. That brass square drawer pull that directly imitates the actual shape of the front, well I’m obsessed. The table is slim for the small space, but huge in length, so it fills the full sofa arm. There are lots of water stains and scratches on the top, but I pretty much ignore those.


The drawer provides ample storage, perfect for storing all of our downstairs diapers and wipes. We also have some stored in the Powder Room downstairs. The color adds warmth and natural elements in a room otherwise filled with toys made of plastic. I love the vintage vibe it brings to my space.


The Textiles: The couch stayed as I mentioned, but it needed some textiles to buffer the ugliness and yogurt stains. The pillow is from Leland Gal, and it’s actually an outdoor pillow. Outdoor pillows are a great option for life with kids, any spills can be wiped right up.


This is the exact link to the pillow I have. Stay tuned for my boys bathroom makeover, currently in the works.  I’m using some of Maggie’s other fabrics for the space, and I’m really excited about them. Instagram + Leland Gal email list is your best bet for catching her latest sales, I actually bought my sister this bicycle makeup bag during her Christmas sale.

The pillow feels so complex and yet so playful. The color and pattern reminds me of creamy orange sorbet on a happy and hot summer vacation to the beach, as sunset draws near and the water surface begins to glow. Ari gets a kick out of the boats, and I love that there are lots of different boat types included.


The blanket is a vintage wool blanket my mom gave to me. Or maybe  I stole it from her house. It’s one of my favorite pieces, the pink is blush colored and soft, and I can always be down for plaid or gingham details. I should probably lint brush that one day.


The Lamp: While the lamp does look similar to the one in the technology nook, it’s not. In fact, I ended up returning that one. I wish I could remember exactly where I purchased this lamp originally. I’ve had it for years, and bought it months before I married Mike. I know it was thrifted, and I know it never came with a shade. I can’t even remember the original color, but after I purchased it I painted it black one summer day in my parents back yard. A few weeks ago I impulsively painted it a glossy bright white, and I’m super happy with the results.

A few months ago I went to dinner with my friend Paige out in an area I don’t typically go, I decided to run into the Goodwill that was nearby. Scored the perfect lamp shade for  less than $3.

The Artwork:


It’s Target, Ya’ll. I think this framed print is the very first piece of art I’ve owned that was bought at a big box store. I passed it week and after week during my Target runs, finally I had to snatch it up! The navy watercolor repeated orb shapes keep me looking, and compliment other colors in my space, including a few boat details from the pillow. The minimalistic raw wood frame warms up my white walls and ties into the color of the side table.


Have a refreshing and relaxing Sunday, Friends.

P.S. One of my biggest professional highlights just happened, this past week Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom featured my home tour and interview. To be honest, it’s a lengthy read, but if you have a chunk of time later, I would so love for you to check it out. I talk about living with kids, public school education, and what our family’s version of normal is.  HERE to read.










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