A Few Disastrous Spots In My Home I Hope To Get Around To. Maybe.

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Well this embarrassing, but I’ll just consider it motivation. Many areas in my home have been dealt with, organized, and designed. Other areas are a disaster – a complete tornado of crap. I am very confident that this summer I’ll be able to dedicate time and energy into addressing these areas, and some of these spots may be able to be addressed sooner.

I love organizing and labeling, sorting and planning, but those things take time and money, two things I mention in the majority of my makeover blog posts. I tend to go for projects that offer a greater reward, but I need to start putting these spaces as a priority, as I know I will feel so much better once I do.

  1. My Garage


Less than a year ago Mike and I rented a dumpster and cleaned our garage out. So I’m not really sure what this whole situation is all about, but it’s really bothering me. I would need to invest $250-$350 to get this garage looking less hoarder-ish.

I do daydream about organizing this garage. I fantasize about all the clear containers with perfectly centered labels, stacked neatly on metal shelves. I also think about the fake yard-sale I’ve always wanted to have, where I sell a bunch of my old stuff to friendly neighbors and become filthy rich. Or at least make enough to go to O’Charleys and buy dinner, coke, and the tater tot cheese dip appetizer.

It’s not that we don’t need this stuff, it’s that it’s not properly organized and in turn looks like a lot more stuff than it actually is.

2. My Makeup Drawer


But why bother? Seriously I’ve cleaned and organized my makeup drawer one bazillion times. It’s all pointless because Max just comes right behind me and completely destroys it. And I allow it, because sometimes I need like two seconds of peace and quiet to finish my winged eyeliner if the day so calls for that look.

3.The Coat Closet


The idea of hanging a coat just baffles me, I honestly have no time for that non sense. That’s why I love hooks, not hangers. Mike always hangs his coat and jackets right up for the most part, and I just glare from the couch in annoyance. So for this area, I’ll probably need to dive deeper into issues of why I can’t take seventeen seconds to hang a coat, or put the cap on toothpaste, or close a cabinet door.

The other issue with this coat closet is that the makeover won’t be that rewarding, hence my lack of motivation.

4.The Deck


Well we suck. Right after I had Ari we built this deck. We as in..not me. Mike and his dad, brothers, and friends did. I pretty much sat inside all day in the air condition pumping and eating sandwiches with dill pickle chips tucked in between two kinds of cheese for added crunch factor.

We really dropped the ball on this amazing deck. It’s a huge deck, very spacious, and full of potential. We spend so much time out here during the spring and summer, like hours a day. This space is very high up on my to do list, I am away at work with my ideas in terms of deck staining, space planning, patio furniture, and plants.

I want to badly to turn this amazing feature into the charming outdoor space it deserves to be.

5.My Pantry


This is another space that I’ve cleaned and organized many times. But anytime I start doing a home improvement project, it becomes a disaster. I just toss stuff in here and think to myself, “Oh I’ll put the items exactly where they go when the kids go to bed”. Liar. When will I start adult-ing? When will I start putting items where they go right away?

That Christmas tree though, that stays up. We are too lazy for putting a tree up and down every year, like no. I did take the decorations off first, so that’s good.

6.The Pack n Play in Our master Bedroom


This pack-n-play has been living in our master bedroom since Max was born. He slept in our room for a while, and then we kept it up because he was an awful sleeper for months 3-9+. I was literally a walking sleep deprived zombie. So this pack-n-play was used when we were too tired to wake up every hour and go in his room to soothe him. Halfway through the night or early in the morning we typically put him back in here.

So now, it stores socks that stress me out. I cannot devote any time to matching socks, and so I just toss them in here and pretend that don’t exist. It’s all gotta go, this is absolutely absurd.

I hope through this post you were able to feel a lot better about your home. I’m certainly finding myself more motivated now that I’ve shared this.

Have a great Sunday full of family snuggles and treats, friends.





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