Max Turns One + A Sneak Peek At Our New Floors

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And just like that, our Max turned one.


Also. New living room floors were installed in our former pee stained carpeted living room the week leading up to his birthday, which led to a slightly emotional and stressful week, and tension was at an all time high, but the results were well worth it.  I’ll be sharing more on the new floors next month.  A few of these birthday photos give a pretty good sneak peek though.


This year flew by. Was I not just headed to the hospital when Mike suddenly decides we need to stop at McDonalds to eat and listen to Jack Johnson songs in the car together first. That seems like yesterday. I mean it’s not that dramatic, since I was induced, so like yeah I guess I had a few minutes to spare to eat some french fries.

I’ve noticed that with the second child (for me), time passes differently. A little faster, a little less thought about. There is a certain level of chaos with two, even in the calmest of moments.


Reading with two kids – one is pointing and listening, the other is chewing the pages. Playing with leggos with two kids – one is building very VERY important things, the other is knocking said important structure down unknowingly and stealing blocks. Eating dinner with two kids – one is whining for more food, the other is whining for more food.


I used to rock Ari for what felt like hours each night, because nothing or no one was demanding my time. My mind could drift, our hearts could sink, and with the swift back and forth motion I could inhale every ounce of his day and exhale the stresses of mine.


Max came into our lives, silly as ever, a rowdy and rough player at times,  and cute as a button. He has such an easy going demeanor, I hope that doesn’t mean he will be a monster of a teenager. Rocking him to sleep at night takes all of 45 seconds, unlike my time with Ari, I very rarely do I savor that moment. But no worries, many other moments are savored.


Max was an awful sleeper until just a few months ago, I’ve mentioned before that I have no idea how we functioned during the days with the little sleep we got. Especially during the nursing months, when I was the sole food provider. Now, Max is an excellent sleeper, we had to really lay down the law eventually and thank goodness we did.


Around 11pm the day before his birthday, he woke up fussing. Normally I’d be tired and annoyed, but I took full advantage of this little moment. No one was needing me, not even Max really, but I needed him.

I spent at least an hour rocking him, savoring the moment of age one, savoring the smell of age one, savoring the feeling of age one. As we all know in the blink of an eye it will be forever gone. I cried a lot that night, which I enjoy. It’s a hobby of mine.


Max has lots of favorite things at age one – pizza crust, sweeping the floor, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse intro song, pointing at socks, the sound of popping his lips together over and over, and tackling anyone who is sitting on the floor nearby.


Mornings start nice and early around here. Sometimes our mornings start around 4:45 a.m, and other days when we are super lucky, they start at 6:30. Once in a blue moon, we actually have to wake him up, of course it’s never on a weekend! Max is the boss of our time these days, I sure can’t wait until he starts sleeping later. Even on the most tired of mornings, his morning babbles make us smile.


During the week, he’s obsessed with the daycare ladies. As soon as we walk in the door, it’s like “Mom who? No Thanks, bye!”. He instantly grabs for them with smiles and snuggles, typically demanding breakfast. It’s not easy leaving him in the care of others to go to work, but I’m so thankful he loves his home away from home.


Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve got summer on my brain. I’ll be keeping both boys home with me a few days a week, and I cannot wait for our summer adventures. Last summer Max was so little, and while we did tote him around everywhere we went, I know this summer he will be sure to have his own form of fun in all we do.


Ari is such a great big brother, he is sweet and loving, understanding and patient, and extremely cautious.

“MOMMM Max is holding a piece of small paper”


“MOOMMMM, Max is stepping in a drop of water and will fall!”.

When Max is crying, Ari sings him lullabies, or demands that I feed or hug him. If that fails, Ari get’s in his face and bobbles his head while saying, “Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, Maxie..” It’s almost a little excessive at times. Not that Ari doesn’t get fussy with Max, or accidentally run him over with toys, or accuse Max of stealing, because those moments happen too.  I’m so thankful for the relationship they share already.


Cheers to a great first year!

My Favorite Party Sources: “Max Is One” custom t-shirt by Amanda Wilcoxson  + Amazing, Yummy, egg free Birthday Cake (because Ari’s egg allergy) by Kim’s Just Desserts + Colorful Party Decor by Target Dollar Section Y’all.


Have a wonderful Sunday, Friends.



P.S. For those of you with little ones, I’ll be doing a giveaway on next Sunday’s post that’s right up your ally, I’m sure. Local peeps, a few spots left in my watercolor floral workshop.


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