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Online & Print Freelance Writing

My design and motherhood articles have been featured on well known platforms in the beloved online design community including Design Mom, Apartment Therapy, Best Friends For Frosting, and Glitter Guide to name a few. Beyond the web, my design tips and home makeovers have been seen in Today’s Woman Magazine on a regular basis.

I write with a strong voice that captivates the audience through real life quirk, doses of monologue humor, raw relatable honesty, and addressing topics that families can truly relate to from a design perspective. I am a thousand percent committed to writing in a way that remains true to my voice, and connects me with the reader as if we are real life pals sharing a pile of food truck French fries in our sweatpants.

I spend much of my mental energy coming up with creative, budget friendly, aesthetically pleasing solutions to the design dilemmas the average family has. From toy storage, to pantry organization, bathroom routines for toddlers, and designing each space in a home to promote child inclusion and independence. I’m an expert at these solutions, and use writing and design to share that information with a larger audience.

Design Illustration For Publication

With a Fine Arts degree, I once spent every day of my late teens and early twenties in an old creepy painting studio painting my heart and soul out. Sure, I skipped lots of classes, lots of parties, lots of lunch breaks, but I had work to do.  Of all the mediums, I consider myself a true painter. I once loved oils and thought I’d never abandon them. But as I grew older, watercolors became my medium of choice.

My illustrations have provided publications and online sources with an inexpensive way to communicate a design to their readers. Instead of purchasing and styling items, my illustrations capture the essence of an idea and bring it to readers in an artful way.

I design most of the interiors and objects used in my illustrations, which of course are inspired by the accumulative items that already exist in the world that I’ve been able to get my eyes on. Color palettes, styling, and style direction in my illustration is all me.

Art Workshops For Children or Adults

Along with my Fine Arts Degree, I have a double degree in Arts Education with K-12 Certification. I’ve been teaching in the Louisville Public School System for six years, and since the age of 16 I’ve been teaching local community classes.

I push my students to their art limits in an inspiring and nurturing manner. I love crafts, but I dislike step by step art instruction. My philosophy on art workshops and one day art sessions is that my role is to enhance the artwork of the student by providing constructive criticism, complimentary feedback, and dive deeper into the mind of the artist at work. It’s not my work after all, it’s the student’s work, and I want each student to leave with a piece that captures their process.