The Boys Bathroom

The boys bathroom is one of the most used spaces in our home, and it was about time I spruced it up.  It’s where both boys get ready each morning, where they bathe and water play, and where they get ready for bed.

Before the makeover, the bathroom (while blah and boring), was still functional. So the goal of the makeover was to brighten the space, and turn the functional aspects (like the existing laundry bin, the Monday through Friday cloth cubbies, and the chart) into a better looking version of the same space.



Many things due to budget needed to stay. Floors, lights, towel loop, cabinet unit (other than the doors), the tub.. all the main stuff stayed.




My inspiration for the boys bathroom began with that adventurous fabric on the shower curtain and window valance. “Brook Trout In Deep Periwinkle” by Leland Gal .The deep blue-ish periwinkle color brought a vibrant color that this small space could handle.

My entire life, my dad has loved fishing, and when I saw the blues, greens, and repeated trout pattern I knew it was the one. The orange dots were not typical of my usual aesthetic, but it was a challenge I wanted to take on.

To tie in the orange in the fabric, I went with warm wood tones, brown leather, and hints of brass metal accents throughout.

monday friday cubbies

I wanted so badly to install wall trim in some sort of way. Like, so badly that I happily lost sleep sketching ideas for wall treatments like intersecting trim, or even arched wall trim.

But then. I gave myself a reality check. I opted out of any wainscoting or wall trim because it would cost time and money that didn’t bring a return on my investment. The kids wouldn’t care. When we sell our home one day, future home buyers wouldn’t care.  Yes, maybe in the foyer or other rooms it absolutely would, but the boys bathroom not so much.

Instead of lower trim, I went with a color blocked painted wall which gave the illusion of a heavier lower wall, without all the time and cost.

laundry basket

Labeled Monday through Friday cubbies have proven to be one of the best time saver tools for both me and the boys, and a great tool for teaching weekday sight words and sequence of days, and self sufficiency.

On Sunday’s we aim to fill the cubbies with the clothes the boys will wear to school.  It makes mornings easy. Ari can grab his clothes quickly and put them on, eliminating choices the morning of helps save time. It also is a clearer approach to any random clothes needed, like soccer outfit for soccer days, or a costume for a themed day at school.

Like who has time to think of all that the morning of. I’d rather sleep.

morning routine

The visual morning routine is another tool we introduced to aid Ari (and eventually Max) in getting ready all by himself. A word + image again helps with sight words, and knowing what steps should be taken to get ready. Freedom of choice comes to play with the sequence of completing these tasks, and how long they take. If he get’s ready “fast”, more time to play before school.

Before the bathroom makeover, it was a chart on computer paper that was taped to the wall, which worked just fine! In this makeover I updated it with neater handwriting and laminating. Whatever.

sink from other view not great

My sister in law sells bath bombs, and somehow I’ve got Ari hooked on them. I mean, who wouldn’t love a bath bomb though? So, hence the giant jar of bath bombs and fancy soaps on our sink area.


The tub area may not look super “designed”, but we made some changes in the tub as well! We bought side storage for more toys, and those suction tubes for water play. Bath time is a party, except when it’s time to wash hair, everyone has a breakdown.

view downward

Sources:   Window Valance Fabric  |   Shower Curtain  |  Clock   |     Vintage Framed Landscape – thrifted  |  Leather Double Towel Hooks  |  Rug – HomeGoods  | Monday – Friday Cubbies (Paint + Legs were added)  |   Custom Valance + Shaker Inspired Cabinet Doors by Local Matt Hibbs (email for contact info)  |  Trash Can – Thrifted