A Lovely Powder Room

“Powder Room” sounds so fancy, sorry guys. I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s actually called though. You know, that room that’s really tiny, where guests pee and powder their noses when they come to your parties.  I’ve been “working” on this room for eleven months, and by “working”, I really mean never working on it at all except like eleven months ago, and then on and off for the past three or four months. Poor Mike, living with a bunch of half-painted bathroom walls, and random sticky notes with bathroom to-do lists all over the place. But in all fairness, I was really busy, pregnant, and just not in the mood to work on the bathroom. So I didn’t, until of course I did. Eventually I had baby Max (who is super adorable and wonderful by the way) and was suddenly welcomed with brand new energy allowing me to push through this bathroom makeover!

The Before:


I don’t really need to go into much detail on the before.  Red, boring, builder grade generic.


door shot

I was on a small budget. I spent about $300 for this bathroom makeover, I could have easily spent thousands. Because of the budget I gave myself, I was not able to afford new flooring or even new light fixtures or sink details. Like foreal guys, I could have easily spent thousands of dollars picking out all the beautiful fixtures, new counter tops,tiled flooring,  and on and on and on. But, I had to make due with the amount I set aside, which meant a lot of careful planning, and a lot of DIY.

door shot 2

I wanted the powder room to feel fresh, high end, and lovely. The artwork is the first item I purchased, it’s titled, “Everything Was As It Should Be” by Amanda Blake. It inspired all other items within the space. It’s a piece I’ve been in love with for years. Yes, years. Figurative art is so subjective, but it’s important to find art that speaks to you, and this speaks to me. The frame is very nice, I found it at my local Habitat ReStore for a few dollars. It was originally rectangle shaped, but since the art was square, I wanted the frame and glass to be square as well. I took it to a frame shop down the road, and for around $20, the owner cut down the glass for me, created a square matte board, and also cut down the frame. I mixed together paint that matched the knobs to use as the frame color. The frame shop owner was so helpful because he felt sorry for me. The next day I had Max.

lights off

Adding dimension to the walls was a sure way to give a  higher end look. I went with MDF instead of wood to save money, it really didn’t matter since I painted it you cannot tell the difference. I designed a board and batten wainscoting look that felt custom to the space. The width was decided based on the width of the counter, and the two story look was also chosen so that it seemed to blend with the sink area. A creamy yellow paint color also helped carry the eye from the sink counters to the other parts of the bathroom since they were similar in color. I used Benjamin Moore, “Natural Beech”. I’ll always look at this color and be reminded that it was one of the last times Ari and I ran lots of errands together. Not just to Kroger, we do that all the time. But this particular Saturday, Ari and I had a whole day date of errands, lunch, and a non-stop game of “I Spy”. It was great. Except a brief moment of chaos when Ari broke down in tears because the guy at Benjamin Moore wouldn’t let him take home the calculator.

mirror shot and me

Oh hey guys, look how cool photo girl I look in that pic. Really though, this bathroom is tiny, and there was no other way to show you the mirror area. Sure, a brand new mirror would have been fabulous, but with lots of dollar signs. I decided to frame out our existing mirror, saving us time, and money.

left of mirror

Target sells knobs, who knew! I didn’t technically buy these from Target, but I did see them at Target originally, then found them used and cheaper on Ebay. Do you see that beautiful bottle of hand soap? I’m obsessed! It’s lemon scented, gorgeous masculine packaging, and is a special touch to a space intended for guests. It’s from Murchison-Hume, please check them out I swear you will be inspired to up your cleaning game. And those flowers next to the hand soap, yeah, I totally just went out to my tree with a pair of scissors and cut them. Super lovely looking.


knobs and mirror some

Towels and rug are from Target, of course. That cute little stool was a couple bucks at the Peddler’s Mall. You know, my favorite place to shop. Now Ari can be more independent when washing his hands. Now if we could only get him potty trained.

downward shot

The hooks below are from Schoolhouse Electric. They give a little bit of architectural interest, while allowing more independence for Ari man. He could never reach the towel, even on a stool. So away with the towel hook, and onto this hook idea!

hook detail

Of course $300 would never allow for wallpaper, but I needed the look of wall paper. Because I’m so needy like that.  I spent about 15 hours painting the walls, totally sucked, but totally worth it. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the space.

shelf wall at large

shelf view at large

Doesn’t stacks of white towels and containers of white items just make you feel so clean and organized? Like you kind of have your life together?

shelf shot partial left

angled shelf shot one

I sure am happy to have this powder room finished, and I’m certain Mike is as well! I do feel that with the budget I allotted, this space speaks to my original goals of high end, fresh, and lovely.

horizontal art