About Lauren

L a u r e n   D a h l  –  Art Teacher, Interior Design Writer & Illustrator, Mom of the silliest boys. Louisville, Ky.

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feeding the dog

A b o u t  :  Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, my landscape has certainly shaped my path, and my aesthetic. My spaces often stem from a land and sky color palette (gem greens, grassy mixes, deep blues, and soft earth ), something that may ring as predictable for me, but I’ll never abandon.  I’m a sucker for details and thrifted treasures with southern charm – A vintage framed horse photograph, a basket once used to store an elders yarn, or a knob from the past. Pairing these special details with fresh and modern lines certainly brings me joy.

My family motivates the function when designing a space. My two sons, Ari and Maxwell bring many design obstacles to each space. On top of that, Mike and I have our own needs. There are toys, stuff, messes, and daily routines – all of which go into great consideration when giving a room a makeover.

By day, I’m an Elementary art teacher in the Louisville public school system.  My students are an amazing diverse group of children, and I am happy each day to have the job I do. If you are here looking for design services or home portrait watercolors, I no longer offer those things. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out. I truly couldn’t quite figure it out, I may have a designers mind, but there were parts of business running I failed at. My heart just isn’t there anymore, and someone else will certainly suit you better. I now only commit to projects that I’m passionate about, and let me tell you, what a wonderful headspace to be in.

Outside of teaching, I do more teaching (ha!). But really. I often offer pop up art classes or workshops for kids and adults, you can see upcoming classes here. I also write and illustrate design and motherhood content for local and online publications. Children’s books is the direction I’m headed, and I’m putting my heart and soul into it.