Oh hey, super mom. You are doing a fab job balancing it all. The good work of motherhood is your priority and that’s truly what matters. Raising children who are kind? Absolutely. The laundry? Sometimes. Homemade dinner five days a week? Um no. That blank wall you cringe at day after day as toys scatter the floors? Yeah, Not happening.

Don’t worry, I got you.

feeding the dog

I’m Lauren Dahl, art teacher and design writer. I’ve spent years transforming our house (The Dahl House) into a joyful home that fits the needs of our family and promotes childhood self sufficiency, and inclusion for all family members.

How Can I help You?

I want inspiration for my own home. Lots of it.

I want to join your FREE modern homemaking community.

I want to hire your expertise and designs for my blog or publication.

I’m Louisville local, and I need a  creative outlet for myself and my child.

I want FREE art ideas + charts for young children, and updates delivered to my inbox from time to time.

I’m a publisher and want to publish your children’s book.